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As we prepare to depart take a moment and add your first post to this page.  Some possible ideas to blog about could include the following… What are you most excited to see. What reservations you may have.  What you plan to do on your free day.  What you want to gain from the trip.  Is there a food/cultural experience you’re excited to try? Or any other topic you’d like to explore.

In addition to contributing to the site, use this first post as a means to navigate through the blog and learn how to use it.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Departure Post

  1. To say I am excited about this trip is an understatement! Ever since I found out that I would be going to London, it is all I have been thinking about! One of the things I am most excited about is getting to visit Westminster Abbey as well as being able to experience London culture. One of my favorite things in the world is food and I might be even more excited to experience the different foods native to London. If anyone is able to find some really good food places please let me know! I cannot wait for the trip to start, and I hope everyone is as excited as I am!:)

  2. I am really excited to travel to London. After learning about all of the different buildings in class it will be interesting to see them in person. One of the visits that I am anticipating the most is the trip to Stourhead and Stonehenge.
    I am also looking forward to experiencing the culture of London. Seeing the way Londoners dress and interact with each other will be interesting to compare to America. Some of my friends gave me recommendations on different food and shopping places to go while in London and I hope that I have time to visit them all.

  3. I am getting very excited to finally board the plane for London! I am not too worried about the adjustment to the time change because of the crazy sleep pattern I already have. I am very happy to have a friend who has been studying there all semester! Hopefully I can learn from her as well as learn from our group activities. I am not sure exactly what to expect, but have heard from my sister and a friend that it is even better than pictures or anything can describe. I am hoping to make time to visit a couple things they suggested- ice bar, prim ark, and try a lot of new foods and step outside my comfort zone!

  4. I just realized after going to count my posts that this wasn’t on here.For no reason at all this post never saved and posted so here it is again.

    I am very excited to travel to London. I know there are a lot of people that never get to leave their state, let alone city they grew up in and for the second time (technically third if you count my cruise at 8 years old) I am leaving this country and going to travel to a different part of the world. Not only am I excited to see and experience a different culture, but I am excited to get another stamp in my passport! Nerdy I know! While we were taking off and landing, Desiree and I took pictures of the ground. It was nice because we caught the sunset or sunrise which ever it was and the night sky with the lights in the city. I started thinking about the man built world and how much effort, time, money, and ingenuity it took to build such cities. Think about it. Bulb by bulb, wire by wire, and post by post, these cities were built and it is quite amazing to me. To bring this back full circle, it makes me interested and eager to see the different parts of London as time went on between the rebuilding of St Paul’s to the newer buildings, The Shard. That is one thing I am really interested in seeing. But for now, I am looking up times for Harry Potter tours!

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