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  1. Stourhead was unbelievably picturesque. The scripted views met a level of perfection that I could never have imagined. There were so many thoughtful details that surprised me along my walk today. Luckily, the fog and chilliness disappeared when we arrived, so our walk was absolutely lovely and sunny. Here are some of my interpretations of the walk.

    Firstly, I noticed that the path before the grotto concealed the complete view of the pond. A lot of it was covered by trees and various plants. This may have been meant to symbolize Aeneas’s journey before enlightenment. He didn’t fully understand the world so there were things blocking him from comprehending the big picture, the ultimate truth. After the grotto, the views gradually became more and more open. Towards the end, there was a clear view around the pond so that one could see all the points along the previous journey. This may have been meant to represent Aeneas’s new enlightenment where he could see everything clearly in the world. Also, one element that could almost always been seen is the island in the middle of the pond. This may be meant to symbolize Aeneas’s constant reminder of where he came from. The island had a design similar to the entrance to the garden, separating it from the distinct ambience in areas like the grotto, which are defined by their unique characteristics. It shows contrast between where we started and where we are at specific points along the journey. Overall, there were many elements to reflect upon in Stourhead. This garden’s peaceful, contemplative beauty made it my favorite landscape architecture site so far.

    • My overall favorite part of this London trip was our visit to Stourhead. Of all the places I had learned about in my Architecture classes before I left, Stourhead was the thing I had been most excited about and also the thing that I was most impressed by! I had learned that Stourhead was this beautiful picturesque place and it really did not let me down! You really cant even put its beauty into a picture! Like you said, the views there are very dynamic and easily readable witch is part of why this space is so breathtaking! I wish I could have stayed there longer and would definitely go back there if I ever get a chance to go back to London.

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