After trip and my sketches

St Paul’s british museum object 2This is the best trip I have ever had. First of all, I saw many of the architectures I learned in class and helped me understand all the concepts better. Second, I truly love London. London surprised me a lot. From my imagination it should be a really big city with crowded people. But actually, London makes me feel that it more likes a peaceful town. It does have some parts covered by tall buildings and crowded people, and people there walk really fast. But most architecture in London is old British style, and people are very friendly. There are many small walking roads with flowers on the road side, and some lovely café on each side of the road. All I see are romantic, relax, and enjoyable life. The third thing I have to mention about this trip is that I love all my group members. This is the first trip I have with American students. They are all very friendly and glad to hear my words. I tried to speak in English for the whole trip and I think my English improved. Though we were really tried of walking, sketching and posting every day, after we come back, all of us miss our time in London; we learned a lot and had lots of fun together.

Last Day in London!

The last day in London wasn’t exactly what I had planned when I left Ohio. I was hopeful to travel to the Roman Bath, but when I got here to purchase tickets, it was just a bit out of my price range. Instead, Rachael and I decided to just stay around London. We went to Harrods and got split up and I toured through the stores, not just looking at the €700 baby dress but also, the architecture within the building. Each store areas space is redesigned for it’s purpose and style. After Harrods, I went to Hyde Park to sketch and just enjoy the rest of the lovely afternoon and people watch.


Free Day




On my free day adventure Shelby Ashely Kelsey and I ventured out to Windsor castle by train. The train station was a little bit more crazy in  comparison to what we got use tI with the tube and if you miss a train the wait is a lot longer till the next one. But all in all it was a good day trip because I got to see Queen Mary’s dollhouse, this was one of my highlights. Later that day I got to catch the sunset in Hyde Park with an overlooking view of the water and the Peter Pan statue. I had a latte while sketching and that moment turned into my highlight of the trip because it was almost a dream come true.






Today was the last day as a group in London, which also means we have to go back to normal in few days. (That is quite scary) Time flies so fast, and I cannot believe we are leaving here very soon. I am absolutely sure that it would be one of remarkable trips in my life. While looking back my sketches, I thought we have learned, felt, and enjoyed the city a lot. Then I was glad that I have chance to learn how to sketch more professionally. It is really a great technique to catch a moment or a scene.

Today, heading back to the hotel from A&M near Tate modern, I saw a fabulous sketch right in front of St. Paul’s; and I wish I could ever sketch just like this.


4880Sketches008 London Spring Break 2014 (256) StourheadimageStourhead was not what I expected. It seemed like everything was so far apart, that the follies were miles away! I likes that it feels so huge, like you can get lost at every turn, yet it is just a circlular path that is pretty easy to follow. I loved seeing the grottos and the cottage. I really wish the pantheon folly was open. that was the part I was looking forward to most about Stour head, and the pictures of the landscape just don’t read the same with a giant construction wall in the background. It was a cool place. It seemed so natural, it is so hard to believe it was all planned! It’s incredible what landscapers can do.



My sketch from Kew Gardens



My sketch from Stourhead

I have enjoyed visiting the couple gardens within London! I have always enjoyed a walk in the park no matter where I am at, but it is interesting to see how it is here. The city is so big, so it is kind of surprising that within many skyscrapers and chunky buildings there are green spaces. I have been learning in my city planning classes that the built and natural environment help a city be well-rounded I enjoyed walking through Kew Gardens because there were so many plants, trees, and wildlife to see. It made me excited for spring back home when we saw all the colorful plants. I also have noticed it was very peaceful at Kew Gardens and Stourhead. It was nice to be able to sit down a sketch what was going on around me. As busy as this trip has been, it is still nice to appreciate the peaceful times of sketching and appreciating nature.
Ashley Hofmaster

American Invasion


After spending some time in Kew Gardens, Kelsey and I decided to visit Trafalgar Square again before we met the group for tea. It was so fun to see the street performers again, and we realized that many of them come back day after day. This guy was there playing guitar before when we went on Sunday. I remember he was always playing popular American songs, like ‘Let Her Go’ which is one of my absolute favorite songs. I was really excited to see him play Hey Soul Sister this afternoon. Its so weird to walk around London and hear all of these songs that are big back home. It seems like everywhere I go I hear Onerepublic or Kelly Clarkson. It’s like the American music scene is following us!


The Tourists Become the Exhibit

The other day we had a brief amount of time at the British Museum and in that time two sketches needed to be completed. For my first one I sat off by myself in the front of the courtyard next to the gate. I couldn’t help but people watch the groups of tourists around me with all of their camera pose and selfies and thought how odd it looked. But then I had a reality check of what I probably look like at each new location I go to with the group. And at least those tourists were quite I’m the complete opposite. For the second sketch inside the museum Shelby and I became the exhibit for a group of tourists While they completely dis regarded their tour guide and watched every pencil stroke as they crowded around us.



Yesterday we mainly went to and sketched the St. Paul’s and the British Museum. For me, this is a really amazing day, although it was really cold and when I came back I was too tired to post anything. St. Paul’s is the second most important cathedral in the world and we I climb to the top I was so impressed. You will not want to climb this staircase for twice, but you will definitely want to see the scenery for thousands of times. The whole London is just in front of your eyes. Inside the St. Paul’s, I felt strong inner peace and I light a candle there with a wish in my mind. Hope I could come here one day with my families.

My New Hat IMG_8993 IMG_9001 IMG_9005

St. Paul’s Surprise

I have to say I was throughly surprised when I arrived at St. Paul’s. I had no idea how ginormous and glorious the building would be as well as how impressed I was when I stepped through into the cathedral. Going to the top of the dome was also a breath taking experience. The view from the top of the dome was incredible. I felt like I could see all of London. Overall my experience at St. Paul’s was amazing I will never forget the complete feeling of awe that was instilled in me as I started to take in my surroundings. I hope one day I will be able to visit again!