After trip and my sketches

St Paul’s british museum object 2This is the best trip I have ever had. First of all, I saw many of the architectures I learned in class and helped me understand all the concepts better. Second, I truly love London. London surprised me a lot. From my imagination it should be a really big city with crowded people. But actually, London makes me feel that it more likes a peaceful town. It does have some parts covered by tall buildings and crowded people, and people there walk really fast. But most architecture in London is old British style, and people are very friendly. There are many small walking roads with flowers on the road side, and some lovely café on each side of the road. All I see are romantic, relax, and enjoyable life. The third thing I have to mention about this trip is that I love all my group members. This is the first trip I have with American students. They are all very friendly and glad to hear my words. I tried to speak in English for the whole trip and I think my English improved. Though we were really tried of walking, sketching and posting every day, after we come back, all of us miss our time in London; we learned a lot and had lots of fun together.

Exploring Sketching

It was incredible to see how quickly all of our sketches improved over the course of this trip. Personally, sketching wasn’t a strong suite of mine so I decided to explore a different style of sketching. I used a black sketch book with white china marker and white colored pencils for all my sketches while in London. Overall, I’m satisfied with how this type of media turned out. 20140402_165857-1