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  1. While visiting the British museum today I thought it was very interesting how so many people we very intrigued when they would see members of of group sketching. When I was sketching the interior of the British museum a little girl ran up to me and stared at me intently. Her parents preceded to come up to me as well stating that the little girl took off running because she loves drawing and wanted to see what I was sketching. I hope when we visit these museums and monuments we inspire people to look at their surroundings in a different way and to thoroughly appreciate their environment.

  2. Kelsey, Im so glad you convinced me to go the Tower of London for my museum of choice. it was spectacular. I loved the Crown Jewels, which were absolutely breathtaking. They were covered in so many beautiful gems and diamonds, I can’t believe most of them are over 150 years old. Even just walking around the tower was very interesting. The cobble stone was not very comfortable, especially since our feet already hurt from walking around all day. By the end of our visit we were just complaining about our feet both hurting! But having a chance to see such a historic landmark was definitely worth it.

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