Til next time, London

Being thrown back into the swing of things with class, homework, and the daily struggle of a college student, I find myself day dreaming of the time spent in London. It’s strange to not see a Pub at the turn of every corner, walk through old brick streets under towering white marble and stone buildings, or to be taken aback every time a see a car coming on the wrong side of the road. The time spent in London was one that was invaluable and really gave me a new perception of classical architecture and challenges the notion of what I though a city was. I’m also thankful for the fun group of people that I was able to experience this trip with and the new friendships that we all made. I hope that someday I will find myself once again “minding the gap,” sitting in a old pub, and enjoying the city that so quickly captivated me. Cheers, All.

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