Exploring Sketching

It was incredible to see how quickly all of our sketches improved over the course of this trip. Personally, sketching wasn’t a strong suite of mine so I decided to explore a different style of sketching. I used a black sketch book with white china marker and white colored pencils for all my sketches while in London. Overall, I’m satisfied with how this type of media turned out. 20140402_165857-1

Til next time, London

Being thrown back into the swing of things with class, homework, and the daily struggle of a college student, I find myself day dreaming of the time spent in London. It’s strange to not see a Pub at the turn of every corner, walk through old brick streets under towering white marble and stone buildings, or to be taken aback every time a see a car coming on the wrong side of the road. The time spent in London was one that was invaluable and really gave me a new perception of classical architecture and challenges the notion of what I though a city was. I’m also thankful for the fun group of people that I was able to experience this trip with and the new friendships that we all made. I hope that someday I will find myself once again “minding the gap,” sitting in a old pub, and enjoying the city that so quickly captivated me. Cheers, All.

Washington, Dulles

The first flight from Columbus to Washington went as planned. For being my first time flying, it was a great flight. We were able to witness the sun coming up during the ascent — a pretty incredible sight to see. The next flight is scheduled to leave in a couple of hours, so for now, we get to sit and wait. This airport has some interesting architecture to view while we wait, specifically the famous terminal by Eero Saarinen, which helps to kill some of the time between flights. If all else fails, the large volumes of traffic provide for prime people watching.