About Me

My name is Meg Kimball.

I am a student studying design at The Ohio State University. Although I go to school in Columbus, Ohio, I am originally from the Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania. I aspire to become a  designer as it is a combination of two of my strongest abilities: creativity and problem-solving. Drawing and painting have been a passion of mine since grade school. I love to create because without people adding to the world, progression stalls and society grays.

Design is the creative and innovative planning for the improvement of an object’s purpose, from communication to functionality.


In the field of design, my interest and motivation stem from the basic meaning of design. Design is the production of art with a purpose. It allows me to follow my lifetime passion, while bringing meaning to my creations and also the world. That purpose may be for function or communication; nevertheless, design is a way to contribute to overall humanity and simple, daily life


When I am not creating, I appreciate the outdoors, from the mountains to the beaches. Additionally, I am a runner, accomplishing two half marathons in the past two years. My extracurriculars guide my work as nature is an endless source of inspiration, and running has taught me self-reliance and diligence.


  • Never stop learning                                                                                                  
  • Always work to be better
  • Understand how to best help the user

Values                                                                Meg C. Kimball, Design Student

  • Organization                                                                                                                      Kimball.103@osu.edu
  • Innovation for inspiration                                                                                                          (215)-512-6490 
  • Communication