Dynamic Page Idea

The idea behind my dynamic page is production versus consumption and how it is corrupt within the nicotine industry. Picture is the little girl front and center. Within her possession is a vape device commonly used by many of my peers. After glided towards her lips, the viewer can pull the side tab to see the color shift from a bright, warm color too black. It is a symbol of the poisoning the product has on the user. Following the color change, one can flip the side panels to reveal money being blown away. Again, the idea behind this is to have the bills appears as if they are flying away in waste. Finally, the exposing of the blackened lungs in the girl’s chest provides an end to this unidirectional, linear narrative. The product has done its damage, and the stage reveal is mean to be scene as a curtain opening to the story that will play out due to this corrupt system.

Dynamic Page Concepts

Life and Death

  • Nature and Humanity
    • Australia and fire
  • Age
    • Birthday/death day
    • Family?
  • Decrease
  • Welt
    • Plants?
  • Rebirth?
    • Cycle

Rich and Poor

  • Housing
  • Clothes
    • Shoes?
  • Empty/Full
  • Health
  • Demographics

Happy and Sad

  • Movement/ Static
  • Light/ Dark contrast
  • Color?
  • Day/Night

Strong and Weak

  • Plants
  • People
  • Infrastructure
  • Many/Few
    • Balance, harmony
    • Double?
    • Halves to a whole

Hot and Cold

Beautiful and Ugly

  • Bugs
  • Old/New
  • Ideal/ Reality
  • Broken/ Fixed
  • Civilized/ Wild
    • Animals/People
      • Switch the roles?


  • Linear (unidirectional)
  • Food
  • Money
  • Forest
  • Fire
  • People vs Nature
    • Deforestation
    • Water supply
  • Consumption vs. Production
    • Consumerism
    • Production line
      • Excess, luxury
      • Need and Desire
    • Trash
    • New vs. Old
    • Corruption
      • Nicotine consumption

Unity and Disconnect

  • Humanity
  • Relationships of people
  • Connection
  • Proximity
  • Parts to a whole