Designer Bio

This is my initial search into what is a design bio and what information belongs in it. I also began to play with a few format ideas.
This is my written bio without any concepts of formatting, or site editing applied.
I applied my typed up bio to my u.osu site, using the pre-set format.
This was my initial plan for my site’s format. I used photoshop to lay it out.
I continue to work the idea, trying various colors as well as changing font and sizing.
This was my final idea for my bio’s layout. Unfortunately, this is on photoshop, so I had to transfer my plan to the website using different editing options. Also, I felt that my definition of design should be a highlighted feature.







This is how I best applied my plan to the website. It demonstrates that every design plan (including web design) needs to be flexible. I had difficulties placing items adjacent to each other; however, I manage to keep with the red and grey color scheme, as well as my emphasized definition.

Final bio link-