Imagined Journey Animation Development

2310 P5 practice2

This was an initial timing and trying to figure how to best create the movement of the slides and shoes. I did not think the cheesy sound effects were the best use of that sense, so I ended up removing the title and sounds. Also, I was able to use the background as a practice for what the background ended as.

This is what it changed into:

2310 Proj 5

I changed the timing of the moment the shoe got lost, as well as the number of frames. I also adjusted the cropping of some frames after receiving feedback.



Exercise 5A

To brush one’s teeth is too dance. The sharp click, opening the paste, ignites the jig. It begins with the twirl of the wrist. Spinning, leaping, gliding, the brush devours the teeth in goo. Slowly, as the melody softens, the foam leave the teeth settling into a foam stage. The brush dips back, massaging and stroking the molars. The melody jumps, and water is introduced. Splashing and colliding into gums and teeth alike, the water playfully gurgles. A quick spit, a wipe of the mouth, and the squeal of the facet ends the dance with a bow.

Imagined Journey Drawn Components

I used a combination of Adobe Sketch and Photoshop to create the following components of the animation. Adobe Sketch was excellent for creating the hand-drawn aesthetic, and Photoshop helped cut and position the parts and scenes. I kept the backgrounds black and white in order to bring emphasis to the shoes and dramatize the final destination.


Imagined Journey Story

For me walking through my initial journey the feelings of confusion and lost developed into familiarity and relief. I chose to follow the story of a pair of shoes that lose each other and return to discover their final destination. Originally small, verbal comments were going to be aiding the sound aspect; however, the song, “Birthday Suit” by Cosmic Sheldrake possessed a beat that emanates the mood I felt as I journeyed.

Imagined Journey Brainstorm

Initially, I knew I wanted to create some type of drawn form of my journey. I felt shoes would be the best representational character for this as it is a relatable item essential to travel. I have never animated something before, so I knew it would be a lot of experimenting with the software I have access to (mainly photoshop and iMovie). My end product changed a lot from my original plan. Overall, the essence of my journey- feeling lost but finally succeeding- stayed to the same regardless of plot.