Jack responded pretty quick via email. It read the following:

“Hi Meg!

Thank’s so much for the gift! I’m amazed how much you were able to accomplish, especially with the new constraints that the pandemic situation threw at you! The animation was delightful to watch — whatever material you used is so vibrant and the texture/consistency was really fun to watch move and form shape! I also love the playlist — it definitely has a wide range of songs to match any mood. You’re clearly very talented and have a promising future in the design field. Thanks again for the gift, it was the highlight of my day.
Best of luck to you with portfolios and the rest of the semester!
It was so nice to hear back and especially in such a kind and appreciative matter. It brings me back to the question of what makes a gift. I think a crucial aspect of a gift is the interaction the exchange brings. Overall, it was a very uplifting response to receive and it too made my day!