Freshmen/New Students


IBE Welcome Week was first introduced in 2017 to kick off the beginning of the school year for IBE students across all cohorts and also help the incoming freshmen cohort become accustomed to the program. Welcome Week includes a series of athletic, social, and professional events that immediately strengthen the IBE community within the first month of school.



The Freshman Development Program (FDP) is a 6 week crash-course to the IBE student experience, introducing the skillsets and steps that members should take their freshman year to start down the path of success within IBE, above and beyond the unique successes they will each have as individuals.

The program will consist of 7 sessions, over the course of roughly 6 weeks. Events will be held typically on Friday at 1pm. Students must complete this program to be eligible for an exclusive IBE event. The sessions are as follows:

  • 08/31: IBE Orientation
  • 09/07: Introduction to Professionalism, Resume Writing, and Career Fairs
  • 09/14: Student Panel: Make Your Own IBE
  • 09/21: Effective Presentations + Introduction to Case Competition
  • 09/24: Mock-Career Fair Workshop (Open to all IBE)
  • 09/28:¬†Leadership Luncheon with Jim & Judy Sonnett (Open to all IBE)
  • 10/05: Case Competition Presentations