If I apply to Scholars and not Honors, am I still eligible to apply for the IBE Honors program?

No, application to the IBE Honors program is only available to those admitted into the Honors Business or Engineering programs.

Once in the IBE program, is it possible for me to change from an Engineering Major to a Business Major or vice-versa?

Yes! Contact Stephanie Reinhart or Kim Bader, the engineering and business honors advisors, respectively, to accommodate your switch.

How many students are accepted into IBE each year?

There are 36 seats available for each incoming cohort. Typically, 18 business students and 18 engineering students are accepted. 

Can IBE students take off academic semesters to participate in a co-op rotation or study abroad?

IBE students are required to attend IBE-specific classes each semester EXCEPT the spring semesters of their sophomore and junior years. During these semesters, IBE students may choose to study abroad or participate in a co-op. Summer internships are highly encouraged. 

Can I join IBE as an Ohio State freshman or upperclassmen?

Typically, all IBE students are admitted in the spring or summer before their freshman year. Exceptions are sometimes made in the spring semester of  their freshman year, depending on program retention in the fall semester. After this point, no new IBE students may be admitted. Contact program director Kristina Kennedy for more information.