Mission Statement
The goal of the IBE Leadership Team is to provide our students with unique opportunities outside of class, build the program’s reputation, establish consistent sources of funding, and build strong relationships with our alumni and corporate partners.

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2020-2021 IBE Leadership Board

President | Isaac Altman | altman.118@osu.edu

Isaac Altman attends The Ohio State University College of Engineering, where he is pursuing an Industrial Systems Engineering major. Through IBE, Isaac is also completing a Business minor. When he isn’t attending classes, Isaac take part in BUCC (Buckeye undergraduate Consulting Club) and Buckeye Ventures. This summer, Isaac is working as an Operations Intern for the start up, On Deck.

Executive VP | Owen Nielson | nielsen.177@osu.edu

Owen Nielsen is a Junior in the Fisher College of Business, where he is pursuing a major in Finance and a minor in Engineering Sciences. He is currently taking part in several clubs on campus involving BUCC, Theta Chi, and the Spike-Ball Club. This summer, Owen will be working as a Financial Analyst for Branch Insurance and is very excited to get started.

VP of Recruitment | Aaron Menges | menges.20@osu.edu

Aaron Menges is fulfilling the position of VP of Recruitment for this coming school year for IBE. In addition to IBE, Aaron is also involved in the Theta Chi Fraternity and Buckeyethon. When he isn’t partaking in these clubs, he is pursuing a Finance major with a minor in Engineering Sciences. This summer, Aaron will be working as an AMI intern for Oliver Wyman.

VP of Marketing & Branding | Amy Medland | medland.7@osu.edu

Amy Medland is currently pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Engineering Sciences. In addition to IBE, Amy is also involved in Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity, and OUAB (Ohio Union Activities Board). This summer, she is working as a part time nanny while also taking classes at her local community college.

VP of Corporate Relations | Lily Aaberg | aaberg.2@osu.edu

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Minor: Business

Involvements: AXO Sorority, Volunteering at Choices Shelter

Summer Plans: Nannying three amazing girls, working at Athleta, playing golf, and hanging out with friends!

Fun Fact: Turtles are my spirit animal:)

VP of Alumni Relations | Nick Brophy | brophy.39@osu.edu

Major: Economics

Minor: Engineering Sciences

Involvements: Alpha Kappa Psi (Director of Corporate Events), University Ambassador

Summer Plans: Interning at Wabtec Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA.

Fun Fact: I have an extra set of wisdom teeth!

VP of Membership Development | Connor Halford | halford.7@osu.edu

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Minor: Business

Involvements: BUCC, Buckeyeloop, Club Sailing Team

Summer Plans: I will be an engineering intern at Swagelok Company in Solon OH.

Fun Fact: I’m a dual-citizen (USA and Canada)

VP of Membership Development | David Kuntz | kuntz.104@osu.edu

Major: Finance

Minor: Engineering and French

Involvements: AKPsi, BUCC and BCI

Summer Plans: Taking a few classes and finishing my engineering minor and working on a golf course.

Fun Fact: I have gotten one massage in my life and I broke the masseuses nose.