An increasingly connected global economy means that broadly educated engineers and business professionals are vital to a company’s success.

As technology advances and product cycles shorten, engineers find themselves learning business acumen, and businessmen and women find themselves learning how technical and physical constraints impact decision-making. Ohio State’s IBE program gives its students the education needed to enter the market with success.

The Approach:

IBE students work, study, and network together as a cohort throughout their undergraduate experience.

Ohio State may be one of the largest universities in the country, but IBE’s small cohort sizes mean that students develop a strong camaraderie and graduate with an invaluable network of classmates and faculty. 

The program supplements standard curriculum with core courses of the opposite degree,  and includes a sequence of dedicated IBE courses and seminars focused on experiential, entrepreneurial, and multidisciplinary learning. Students work in teams as they apply classroom theory and tools to real-world practice.

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The Results:

The IBE program builds students’ ability to blend technology and business skills to tackle realistic product and business development projects. Each student develops the professional tools and skills to make significant contributions to industry right out of college.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a bachelor of science in business administration or engineering major, a minor in the opposite field, and an “Honors in Integrated Business and Engineering” diploma distinction.

IBE students boast a 100% job placement rate after graduation, compared to an average 71% job placement rate of non-IBE Ohio State students. IBE graduates can be found working in any industry, spanning from consulting to healthcare and everywhere in between.