The Need
An increasingly interconnected global economy creates collaborative opportunities and competitive pressures for U.S. companies, generating the need for broadly educated engineers and business professionals. Growing levels of uncertainty, knowledge and data intensity encourage us to rethink education delivery. Engineers find themselves learning on-the-job business acumen, while business graduates struggle to appreciate how technical and physical constraints affect their decisions. Ohio State’s IBE program equips graduates to meet these challenges.
Our Approach
To better prepare students for rapidly changing industry needs, The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering and Fisher College of Business jointly offer a multidisciplinary undergraduate honors program. IBE students work, study, and network as a cohort throughout their undergraduate experience. The program supplements their standard curriculum with core courses of the opposite degree, and includes a sequence of dedicated IBE courses and seminars focused on experiential, entrepreneurial, and multidisciplinary learning. Students work in teams as they apply classroom theory and tools to real-world practice. The IBE program builds student awareness of the practical need to blend technology and business skills to tackle realistic product and business development projects. Each student develops the professional tools and skills to make significant contributions to industry right out of college.
The Results
Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a bachelor of science in business administration or engineering major, a minor in the opposite field, and an “Honors in Integrated Business and Engineering” diploma distinction. IBE students graduate with a resume attractive to a large number of hiring companies—one enhanced by participation in a number of team- based project experiences, personal interaction with a variety of industry representatives, unique educational experiences, and opportunities for early internships. IBE students have received highly-sought internships and post-graduation opportunities spanning geographies (including Chicago, Silicon Valley, New York City and Sydney), and industries (including consulting, finance, industrial goods and healthcare).