Engineering Majors

To graduate with IBE Honors Program designation, engineering students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 and complete the following:

Engineering Major

  • All coursework required for student’s chosen engineering degree.
  • Engineering degree to be completed in a way to maintain original cohort.

Business Minor Courses

  • ECON 2001.03H and ECON 2002.03H
  • Five courses from the following:
    • AMIS 2000, BUSFIN 3220, BUSML 3250, BUSMHR 4490, BUSMHR 3200, and BUSOBA 3230

Business Minor Course Details

AMIS 2000: Foundations of Accounting. A survey of accounting for non-business students; financial statements and analysis; accounting for assets, liabilities and owners’ equity; and elements of managerial accounting.

BUSOBA 3230: Introduction to Operations Management. Introduction to operations and supply chain management to improve manufacturing and service organizations; analyzing, controlling and improving resources and processes to increase productivity, generate value-added output and meet business goals.

BUSMHR 3200: Managing Individuals in Organizations. Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. Principles for managing the performance of individuals and groups in organizations. Introduction to organizational behavior theory and its application to staffing, training, compensation, and appraisal.

BUSFIN 3220: Business Finance. Introductory finance class which allows students develop the skills to understand how financial managers make value-maximizing decisions for their firms.

BUSML 3250: Principles of Marketing. Presents the concepts, framework and tools of market-based management to deliver superior customer satisfaction, value and profitability. The focus of the course is on identifying, creating, delivering and measuring value creation.

BUSMHR 4490: Strategic Management. Introduction to the concepts and analytic tools in the field of strategic management to understand the competitive position of firms.


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