After successfully completing the program, students received a bachelor of science in their business or engineering major, and a minor in the opposite field with an “Honors in Integrated Business and Engineering” diploma distinction.

The program’s graduates boast a resume that is attractive to a large number of hiring companies – one enhanced by participation  in a number of team-based project experiences, personal interaction with a variety of industry representatives, an introduction to strategic management, and opportunities for early internships. These graduates have received highly-sought coveted internships and post-graduation opportunities spanning geographies (including Chicago, Silicon Valley,  New York City, Sydney), and industries (including consulting, finance, industrial goods, and healthcare). Check out our comprehensive Alumni Database to see where our alumni are now!

“Participating in IBE has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have had at Ohio State. The opportunity to see how business and engineering are interconnected provided me with a depth and breadth of knowledge that will serve as a foundation for future success in business”
Paul d’Hyver, IBE Inaugural Cohort Graduate