Symposium – Dialogue within the University:
A model for Christian engagement

November 12, Saturday 9am – 3pm.  Location:  269 Arps Hall


Dialog Within The University - A cluster conference symposium for faculty, graduate, students, staff, and university administrators who want to appropriately bring their faith into the public conversations within the university. November 12, 2016 - RSVP today! - www.facultysymposium.wordpress.comThe Fall 2016 Midwest Grad & Faculty Symposium invites you to join us for a one-day multi-campus symposium with Dr. Christian Lundberg to explore “Dialogue within the University“. A cluster-conference to gather colleagues from six campuses across four states to learn from, dialogue with, and engage one another using dynamic technology.


How can we better write and speak about our work on campus and our faith in Jesus Christ to a broader audience?


We are followers of Christ and through him “all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible” (Col 1:16).  As university faculty, grad students, administrators, and staff, we are engaged in exploring these things– and as such we have the unique opportunity to help others see the points of connection between Christian faith, life, and culture; between ancient wisdom and new discoveries.


Faculty standing and having a discussionIn this symposium there is space to consider where the voice of the Christian scholar is needed, and practical ways to engage in these conversations.  Anyone who wants to bring their faith into writing and public conversations in a way that is grace-filled yet confident, whether in the university or in other contexts, would find this symposium beneficial.


Dr. Christian Lundberg, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, is co-director of the University Program in Cultural Studies and associate professor of rhetoric. He is author of Public Speaking: Choice and Responsibility (Cengage, 2104) and holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.


I hope you will consider joining others from central Ohio and across the Midwest. To sign up, so that we can plan for refreshments and handouts, please register at: Faculty Symposium. When you register, please CLICK on the orange VIEW box for link to register OR(if you are requesting a scholarship) first fill out the form on same page.

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