Prayer Groups Forming

Fellowship with Christian Faculty and Staff doesn’t need to be confined to once a month or so! One of the things our Steering Committee has talked about is forming prayer clusters all over campus. Do you know one (or more) believer(s) on faculty or staff in your department or building? Have you thought about meeting over coffee or lunch once a week to once a month to pray for 15 minutes for each other’s ministry on campus, your department(s), and for the work of Christ at Ohio State? Why not ask them what they think about the idea?

If you find someone who is interested, decide when you can get together for the first time, and then whether you want to continue to meet regularly, and email Bob Trube at If you are interested but don’t know anyone else in your department/building, email Bob as well, and as we learn of others nearby on campus also seeking a group, we’ll match you up. We’ll send you some tips that have helped other prayer groups nurture a dynamic prayer life together and see God work. We would love to see a network of faculty and staff across the campus bathing Ohio State in prayer. Imagine what the Lord might do!