ESN Conversation: First Nations Version/A Just Passion

Feb 9, 2023 02:00 PM EST
Terry Wildman was part of the council that produced an Indigenous Peoples translation of the New Testament and co-authored “A Just Passion,” a Lenten Guide. We’ll be talking with Wildman about these publications and the contribution Indigenous followers of Jesus make to our understanding of the gospel story and our calling to pursue justice.
Photo of Terry Wildman and book covers

American Scientific Affiliation Winter Symposium: Scientists and the Church

The Emerging Scholars Network has partnered closely with the American Scientific Affiliation on Early Career Tracks at the ASA annual meetings and at other ASA events. Christians who are scientists often experience a “double loneliness.” Colleagues are sometimes suspicious of their Christian commitments and fellow church members are suspicious of their science. This conversation between a scientist and a church leader is a great opportunity to explore how we may foster a better conversation as scientists with those in our churches.

WHEN:            Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST/1 PM EST

COST:               Free (a free-will donation is suggested)

SPEAKERS:   Walter Kim, President, National Association of Evangelicals and Jessica Moerman, Vice President of Science and Policy, Evangelical Environmental Network

TITLE:             Scientists and the Church

Genetic Engineering. Climate Change. Artificial Intelligence. Vaccines. Any one of these contemporary topics involves science and scientists. Many of these scientists are faithful members of our congregations. How do these church members experience discussions within their faith communities when nonscientists attempt to understand these issues from their faith perspective? And how can churches better engage Christians who are scientists in serving the church?


Walter Kim became the president of the National Association of Evangelicals in January 2020, after serving as a pastor for 15 years at Boston’s historic Park Street Church and four years at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has spent nearly three decades preaching, writing, and engaging in collaborative leadership to connect the Bible to the significant intellectual, cultural, and social issues of the day. He serves on the boards of Christianity Today and World Relief. Kim received his PhD from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, his MDiv from Regent College in Vancouver, and his BA from Northwestern University, and he is a licensed minister in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Jessica Moerman is a climate and environmental scientist, pastor, educator, and advocate. She serves as Vice President of Science and Policy at the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN). Jessica is also cofounding pastor at Grace Capital City church, which she planted in 2016 with her husband Chris in Washington, DC. Prior to joining EEN, Jessica was a AAAS Science and Technology Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy. She received her PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from Georgia Institute of Technology and has held research positions at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Michigan, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, where she researched how climate has changed throughout Earth’s history. She regularly speaks on issues related to climate change, pollution, children’s health, the clean energy transition, environmental stewardship, and the intersection of science and faith. She has appeared on national media outlets, including the NBC TODAY Show, Good Morning America, and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

This symposium is open to the general public. Please help us spread the word by inviting your church, pastor, friends, family, students, and colleagues to attend too. You can do so by forwarding this flyer or posting the event on your social media pages. The event is free to attend, but donations to support programming are appreciated.

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Flyer for symposium, text included in post.

ESN Conversation: Learning Humility with Richard Foster and Brenda Quinn

January 12, 2023, 2 pm ET

Not only is humility vanishing from contemporary culture, but we are also witnessing how destructive a lack of humility has become among our churches and ministry leaders. And yet, Richard Foster, the founder of Renovaré, insists in his new book, Learning Humility, that humility is central to the journey toward character formation and spiritual transformation.

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Learning Humility ESN Conversation flyer. Includes a book cover photo and the same text this post.

Upcoming ESN Conversations
February 9, 2023, 2 pm ET: First Nations Version/A Just Passion. Terry Wildman was part of the council that produced an Indigenous Peoples translation of the New Testament and co-authored “A Just Passion,” a Lenten Guide. We’ll be talking with Wildman about these publications and the contribution Indigenous followers of Jesus make to our understanding of the gospel story and our calling to pursue justice. Sign up at:
Mar 9, 2023, 12:00 pm ET: Following Jesus in a Warming World. Have you ever looked at the effects of climate change and the apathy of so many around you and wondered, “What are we missing here?” Climate activist Kyle Meyaard-Schaap understands this feeling from personal experience. But in his years of speaking to and equipping Christians to work for climate action, he’s seen the trend begin to shift. More and more young Christians are waking up to the realities of climate change. They want to help, but they’re not sure how. Sign up at:

ESN Conversation: The Man Born to Be King with Kathryn Wehr


December 20, 2022 at 1 pm ET
From December 1941 until October 1942, the BBC broadcast a series of radio dramas written by Dorothy L. Sayers. In a new critical and annotated edition of “The Man Born to Be King,” scholar Kathryn Wehr brings fresh insights to the plays, their background, Sayers’s creative process, and the ongoing significance of the life of Christ today. Listen again, or for the first time, to the story of the man who was born to be—and still is—king. This conversation is co-sponsored by our great partners at Women Scholars and Professionals.
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Poster for the ESN Conversation with a  picture of the author and the cover of the book. All text repeated in the posting.

Meeting with Rick Mattson from IVCF

The Dead Theologians book group is finishing up The Abolition of Man next Wednesday. We are gathering on Friday, Sept. 30, for lunch. Any interested faculty are invited to join us!

We will meet at the Panera on Lane Ave. and have reserved the community room in the back.

Howard VanCleave’s colleague and friend, Rick Mattson, Rick Mattson Preaching will be in town and would like to meet some OSU faculty.  He travels for InterVarsity and speaks on campuses. This will be a time to think together and discuss how we can make the gospel alive and relevant in conversations with colleagues and friends who are absorbed into the fabric of secular culture.
Grab some lunch at 11:30 and we will begin our discussion by 11:50am on Friday, Sept. 30.
Location:  300 W. Lane Ave. 43201
Let Howard VanCleave know if you have any questions.
The Dead Theologians group is next reading That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis and meet Wednesday mornings at 7:45AM on Zoom. You are invited to join us! Check with Paul Post for the link.

ESN Conversation: Dawn, A Proton’s Tale of All That Came to Be

October 13, 2022 Book cover for Dawn, A Proton's Tale of All That Came to Be
12pm ET
An ESN Conversation on Dawn, A Proton’s Tale of All That Came to Be (link is external) with Cees Dekker, Corien Oranje, and Gijsbert van den Brink. Combining its authors’ scientific knowledge, storytelling skills, and insights from theology, Dawn provides a fresh look at the fundamentals of cosmology, evolutionary biology, and the good news of God in one overarching adventure—in the form of a gripping story. If you love both science and Scripture, you will discover an engaging, thought-provoking tale that reminds us we each have a big place in God’s plan of creation—even if we’re very, very small.

As a special treat, all three co-authors of this book will be joining us online from The Netherlands!

IVP link to book description.

ESN Conversation: The Religion of American Greatness with Paul D. Miller

September 15, 2022 at 12 pm ET.

From America’s beginning, Christians have often merged their religious faith with national identity. But what is Christian nationalism? How is it different from patriotism? Paul D. Miller, a Christian scholar, political theorist, veteran, and former White House staffer, provides a detailed portrait of—and case against—Christian nationalism. Sign up at for a link to the conversation.


ESN Conversation: A Supreme Love with William Edgar

August 9, 2022, 12 pm ET

By tracing the development of jazz, placing it within the context of the African American experience, and exploring the work of jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong, Edgar argues that jazz deeply resonates with the hope that is ultimately found in the good news of Jesus Christ. Sign up at for a link to the conversation.

Flyer with a picture of William Edgar and the book cover of A Supreme Love.

ESN Conversation: The Shape of Christian History

July 18, 2022 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time

Highlighting both the continuity and the diversity within the Christian movement over the centuries in his book The Shape of Christian History, Scott Sunquist identifies three key concepts for framing church history: time, cross, and glory. These themes shed light to help us discern how the Jesus movement developed from the first century to the present, through an explosion of contextual expressions. Tracing these concepts through the centuries, we learn from the stories of Christians reflecting the glories of God’s kingdom—and from their failures.

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VIA DIVINA: The Franciscan Way

Franciscan-way photo of a path and the text The Franciscan Way

Even where there are deepening divisions, love is possible.
Even when there is suffering, joy is possible.
Even in the midst of brokenness, rebuilding is possible.
A simple, singing monk from the 13th century just might be able to teach us what is still possible—for us, today.

Via Divina – The Franciscan Way from InterVarsity Study Abroad on Vimeo.

Join in this third edition of Via Divina – The Franciscan Way – a digital pilgrimage in which you can participate wherever you find yourself this summer.

From June 28 – August 2 engage with five audioguides that follow Francis through the narrow stone streets of Assisi and along the dirt paths of the Umbrian countryside. We will share in his journey of transformation from disillusioned youth to joy-filled fool for Christ. Francis’ full-hearted embodiment of the way of Jesus sparked a deeply felt renewal within himself and within the Church.

Let the stories of Francis and Clare, along with scripture, prayer practices, and contemporary stories, inspire you this summer in an experience of walking in the Divine Way (Via Divina).

Learn more at:

Ways You Can Engage

  1. Register and walk with us from June 28 – August 2 –
  1. If the July timeframe doesn’t work for you, sign up for The Franciscan Way hosted by the InterVarsity Study Abroad Team – May 13 – June 13 –
  1. Invite your campus group, church, family, friends, or small group. Send a few personal invitations and plan to take this journey with others. Discounts are available for those walking with a group!

This is open to faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and InterVarsity Ministry Partners. Anyone who wants to explore the practice of pilgrimage, learn about Franciscan spirituality, and deepen their faith walk. We look forward to seeing you along the Franciscan Way!

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