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FCFS is a group of Christian faculty, staff and friends from different denominations and is affiliated with IVCF’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries. Key priorities of FCFS are building community among Christian faculty and staff, being relevant Christian witnesses on campus and in our workplace, and planning specific evangelistic/outreach opportunities on campus to share the Gospel with others.

The Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff (FCFS) is working within the university both with Faculty and with Staff. We recognize that both groups share some aspects of life on campus that are the same when it comes to our calling as followers of Christ. Our lives on campus reflect our commitment to Him, our integrity, honesty, kindness, self-sacrificing and those aspects expressed in I Corinthians 13 as well as Galatians 5:22-23 known as “the fruit of the Spirit”.  But we also know that our jobs and callings are very different.  Faculty have scholarly endeavors, research and publishing, teaching and mentoring grad and undergrad students.  We seek to encourage both faculty & staff in their calling and leadership efforts as they faithfully serve the university with a major portion of our commitment being toward those called to the university to serve as faculty members.

  • FCFS aids faculty and staff to understand academic life as a call from God.
  • FCFS helps faculty and staff members discern God’s callings and priorities among them, and how to be faithful to these callings.
  • FCFS understands and is sensitive to how demands upon faculty and staff change during different stages of academic life and seeks to nurture the health and well-being of faculty and staff members in light of their specific circumstances.

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff at The Ohio State University is encouraging and equipping Christian academics to flourish and be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas and structures of higher education.

Vision Statement

The Vision of The Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff at The Ohio State University is that Christian faculty and staff have a redeeming influence within the university as they:

  • Establish witnessing communities of Christian academics that reflect the diversity of the body of Christ
  • Follow God’s call in spiritual formation and vocational discipleship
  • Balance excellence in personal ,professional and spiritual life for the glory of God
  • Practice their disciplines from a profoundly Christian viewpoint

Connecting –

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Click here for a list of faculty and staff groups meeting around the OSU campus.

Curious about Christ?

If you are a faculty or staff memeber at OSU click here for a free copy of Jesus Brand Spirituality: He Wants His Religion Back by Ken Wilson and recieve updates on our activities.

You may peruse parts of the book at Amazon.com by searching for the title.


Over the years this organization has changed from the Faculty Christian Fellowship (and a website of FCF-OSU.org) to the Fellowship of Christian Faculty (and a website of FCFS-OSU.org)  to our current website at u.osu.edu/fcfs.

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