ESN Conversation: Public Intellectuals and the Common Good

Thursday, February 18, at 12 pm ET
Have you been asked to talk about your work in church, at a local school, on local media, or with a community group. Do you blog about scholarly matters? Have you been asked to be on a board or commission because of your expertise. If you have done any of these or considered this work, you are a public intellectual. This Thursday at 12 pm ET, we are talking with Jerry Pattengale, a co-editor of Public Intellectuals and the Common Good. We will explore how to pursue this work forthrightly as Christians, and constructively in a divisive time.
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Graphic for webinar. Includes photos  of Jerry Patebgale and his book cover

COVID-19 Vaccines and Fetal Cell Lines: Ethical and Moral Implications

Friday, February 5, 2021

Hosted by The Ohio Valley Grad & Faculty ministry- Intervarsity


John Chae, MD
Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs
The MetroHealth System
Professor and Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Professor, Biomedical Engineering,
Case Western Reserve University

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