Efficacy and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines

Webinar, Friday, April 16, 4pm

Co-Presenters: Dr. John Chae and Dr. Amy Ray

Hosted by the Grad & Faculty InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the Ohio Valley. This one-hour webinar will also include Q/A session using zoom technology

John Chae, MDJohn Chae, MD photo
Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs
The MetroHealth System
Professor and Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University

Amy Ray, MDAmy Ray, MD photo
Director of Infection Control
The MetroHealth System
Associate Professor, Medicine
Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Chae will present on the accelerated clinical trials process and vaccine efficacy, and Dr. Ray will present on vaccine safety from the clinical trials and since FDA Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer and Moderna, and now the Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Zoom link sent upon request.
Email organizer: Howard.Van-Cleave@intervarsity.org


ESN Conversation: Public Intellectuals and the Common Good

Thursday, February 18, at 12 pm ET
Have you been asked to talk about your work in church, at a local school, on local media, or with a community group. Do you blog about scholarly matters? Have you been asked to be on a board or commission because of your expertise. If you have done any of these or considered this work, you are a public intellectual. This Thursday at 12 pm ET, we are talking with Jerry Pattengale, a co-editor of Public Intellectuals and the Common Good. We will explore how to pursue this work forthrightly as Christians, and constructively in a divisive time.
If you are able to attend, sign up at https://tinyurl.com/publicintellect. Feel free to share with others.
Graphic for webinar. Includes photos  of Jerry Patebgale and his book cover

COVID-19 Vaccines and Fetal Cell Lines: Ethical and Moral Implications

Friday, February 5, 2021

Hosted by The Ohio Valley Grad & Faculty ministry- Intervarsity


John Chae, MD
Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs
The MetroHealth System
Professor and Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Professor, Biomedical Engineering,
Case Western Reserve University

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Finding Hope In Trying Times

Video recordings available. Links below.
A webinar hosted by the Ohio Valley Grad and Faculty Ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.
Presenters:  Dr. Gordon Smith
This will be an opportunity to connect our present experiences with Covid-19, how we an have hope in this extraordinary period living through a pandemic.  We listen to one of the most gifted academic and theologian who is well versed in not only the scriptures but in the spiritual implications in life, Dr. Gordon Smith.  He is President and professor of Systematic and Spiritual Theology at Ambrose University.  This 37 minute lecture on Hope in a time of Covid is followed by a Q/A session before Part II..  
Presenters:  Hakon Torkjesen and Dr. Karen Olness MD

This 40 minute presentation will focus on the experience of a survivor as he and his wife describe what life was like in a Japanese internment camp  in China during World War II.  A time for Q/A will follow.  Note:  This camp is where Eric Liddell [Chariots of Fire] was also imprisoned with nearly 2,000 others and Eric became the surrogate father of our guest presenter, now 92 but then only a teenager. Join us to hear about this extraordinary example of faith under trying times.


Group Study/Discussion

The group meets weekly at noon (eastern time) on The Gospels from a Jewish Perspective book cover
Thursdays starting January 21 on Zoom
Book:  The Gospels from a Jewish Perspective
Author:  Bob Warren
Study moderator/leader:  Dr. Ben Humphrey
Book is available at:  www.lifeonthehill.org under the resources tab (order now – allow 8 days shipping)
From the Author:
“…after spending time in Israel and rubbing elbows with [Jews] and Hebrew Christian alike, I realized that I, as a Gentile, was handicapped when it came to the variety of issues discussed, not only in the Gospels but in all of God’s Word. Jesus was a Jew. The disciples were Jews. …Considering that almost all the Old and New Testament writers were of Jewish descent, it makes sense that Gentiles need to consider the Jewish perspective when examining the Scriptures….
For more information or to get the Zoom link contact Howard Van Cleave via email or voice/text:  614-404-7076
If you do not yet have the book please plan to join the discussion/study on January 21 anyway.  We will cover the introduction & background to the Gospels, pages 1-12.

Dead Theologians Discussion Group

Meets weekly online on ZoomShantung Compound Book Cover

Start date: January 13, Wednesday, 7:45am (Eastern time)

Book: Shantung Compound: The Story of Men and Women Under Pressure
ISBN: 0–06-063112-0
Author: Dr. Langdon Gilkey

About the book

Langdon Gilkey was a young American teacher at Yenching University near Pekig, China, when the Japanese military under wartime press ion rounded up all foreigners into an internment camp. Shantung Compound is based on a journal Dr. Kilkey kept during his imprisonment. Along with Gilkey were nearly 2000 others, a cross-section of humanity, businessmen, families, lawyers, doctors, missionaries (including Eric Liddell, [Chariots of Fire] the gold medal winner of the 400 yr. dash in the 1924 Olympics), junkies, prostitutes, little children, the old and infirm – in all about 2000 people. You will read of the moral problems arising in this polyglot community, some shocking and responses often surprising during their 2 1/2 year ordeal.

Time Magazine wrote: The camp became a living laboratory, a miniature society that illustrated the human condition and moral dilemmas in a way that would not have been possible had more conventional conditions prevailed. Shantung Compound, is a “fascinating memoir that is both a vivid diary of prison life and a theologian’s mature reflection on the condition of man in times of stress.”

Special Guest:
Among the missionaries imprisoned was a mother and her three children from Norway . One of her children at the time was a teenager named Hakon. Today Hakon is 92 and he and his wife are living on an organic farm in Minnesota. They will be our special guests on January 29, noon Eastern, for a webinar and we will hear his first-hand account of the ordeal his family went through, the special relationship with Eric Liddell who became his surrogate father, and answer our questions.

For more information and link to the Zoom discussion please contact Dr. Paul Post at OSU: post.1@osu.edu. or Howard Van Cleave voice/text: 614-404-7076

ESN Conversation with Diana Gruver on Companions in the Darkness

November 24, 12 pm ET.

Did you know that some of the most famous Christians through history experienced depression? Did you know graduate students are six times more likely to experience anxiety and depression than the general population? Drawing on these stories and her own experience, Diana Gruver will offer practical help for those experiencing the darkness, and those who walk with them. Sign up for this important conversation at tinyurl.com/dgruver.

ESN Conversation with Diana Gruver on Companions in the Darkness Flyer including her photo and book cover.

ESN Conversation with Michael Card

November 10, 1 pm (US Eastern Time)The Nazarene by Michael Card book cover

Michael Card, The Nazarene: Forty Devotions on the Lyrical Life of Jesus(link is external)

Musician and author Michael Card will talk with us about his most recent book, devotionals on the life of Christ. If you’re looking for devotional reading for the season of Thanksgiving and Advent, this is a great opportunity to meditate on the life of Christ in community.

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