Veritas Academy at OSU

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Faith & Learning: Making the Most of College

A Pre-College Retreat for Incoming Freshmen: August 15-16, 2019

Academy is a two-day experience for incoming 1st-year students, held August 15th-16th at Indianola Church of Christ. Veritas Academy is led by Christian faculty, upperclass students, graduate students, and campus ministers. The curriculum draws upon The Veritas Forum’s 25 years of experience engaging faith and inquiry on America’s leading campuses. Though targeted to Ohio State students, this retreat could also benefit any 1st-year student who is about to begin their college journey on another campus.

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Invite the incoming 1st-year students you know and help get the word out.

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CCO Buckeyes and Intervarsity OSU

Midwest Faculty Conference

Hope and Disappointment in theMidwest Faculty Conference title and picture of lakeshore Midst of God’s Call

The Midwest Faculty Conference 2019 will wrestle with real questions surrounding God’s call in our lives – everything from His presence in our daily tasks to broader vocational discernment. In plenary sessions, faculty panels, and a variety of seminars, we will consider the breadth of our life experiences – including success & failure, hope & disappointment, scarcity & abundance. We will also explore what it means to work out our sense of God’s call in a diverse and often complex context, casting a hopeful, Christ centered vision of flourishing within higher education and beyond.

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The 2019 InterVarsity Midwest Faculty Conference will take place June 15-21, at InterVarsity’s Cedar Campus(link is external). We look forward to seeing you there!

Welcoming Faculty, Families, Singles and Couples

Faculty of all ages and life stages are invited to join us for what promises to be an encouraging and thought-provoking week! As a “family friendly” conference, our content is designed to connect with faculty, spouses, singles, and couples.  Christ-centered programming and recreation is also provided for children. It is our prayer that everyone will leave the week refreshed and prepared to faithfully navigate Hope and Disappointment in the Midst of God’s Call! Meet the 2019 Keynote Speakers, Robert and Erica Romero through a video on the Program page.

What is meaningful to you about the Midwest Faculty Conference? That’s just what we asked Dr. Woodall- Schauffler & Ryan Schauffler in the video below. Last year was their first year attending and, this year, we’re excited to have them return and serve as emcees for the week!

Conference Location: InterVarsity’s Cedar Campus

With 500 acres and six miles of beautiful Lake Huron shoreline, Cedar Campus(link is external) provides many opportunities for recreation- including kayaking, swimming, hiking, and more.  Located in the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and only 45 min from the Mackinac Bridge, Cedar Campus is a special place not only for its beauty, but also because tens of thousands of students and families have met God and have seen their lives changed during their time here.

At Cedar Campus, accommodations range from rustic (camping sites & small cabins with a nearby wash house) to resort-style (with kitchen & bath facilities) and from single-family units to multi-room lodges. At the time of registration, participants are directed to a website to browse and choose a housing option. All meals are included in the costs and are eaten as a community in Willoughby Lodge. Recreation activities, cleaning fees, children’s activities, and more are also included in the Program & Housing costs. Wi-Fi is available on campus and at a local library within Cedarville.

Visit the Register page to learn more about conference pricing and lodging.

Share with Others

Please share about the conference with your colleagues who may be interested in attending in the future. Your personal invitation is one of the most effective ways to grow the network of faculty who hear and attend.

Mentoring Dinner May 6

This year we launched a mentoring effort here at at OSU with the Christian Graduate Student Alliance. The Grad students are so glad you were willing to be involved in their lives in this way not only to help them along the academic journey but also to provide spiritual insights and wisdom “that comes down from Above.”Blackboard with mentor and synonyms on it.

We thought it would be a great boost to our efforts to host a gathering of mentors and mentees as well as others who might be interested and share a meal tougher as a community.
You no doubt have had many opportunities to mentor students over the years but this spiritual/Christian dimension might be even more rewarding as it relates to your work in helping build the Kingdom of God at OSU and beyond.
The dinner is being held at a faculty member’s home in the Hilliard area at 6pm, Monday, May 6.

In addition to sharing this time as a mentoring community, we asked professor Paul Madtes to share a few of his thoughts and insights on the mentoring process and further our discussion. He has a PhD in Biology and holds a degree in biblical counseling.

Please plan to join us and rsvp to Howard Van Cleave at his gmail account:
Questions?  Please call Howard at 614-404-7076 for more information or to RSVP. 

RSVP no later than May 3, Friday so we can plan food and logistics.

Lunch with a Higher Purpose, Thursday, April 4

There is not a recording available for this event but the Emerging Scholars Blog has a posting providing highlights and links to related materials.

The final Lunch with a Higher Purpose for this academic year with Dr. Francis Su was co-sponsored by the Society of Christian Scholars on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at Noon (EST).

Dr. Su is uniquely qualified to address our topic, Living out Academic Calling while Serving God on Campus. Dr. Su will address the tensions and triumphs of a life of faith and define the meaning of success for the professor called by God to the academic life.

Brief BioHead and shoulders photo of Dr. Francis Su

Francis Edward Su is the Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, and past president of the Mathematical Association of America. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. His research is in geometric combinatorics and applications to the social sciences and he has co-authored numerous papers with undergraduates.

Saturday Symposium: Prayer and the Academic Calling

Saturday, February 2 from 9am – 11:30am EST
273 Arps Hall

Recordings of the Symposium are available at the InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries page for the symposium.

We also have local recordings of the symposium that are missing the first few minutes but add and extended Q&A session with Dr. Smith that occurred after the recordings above ended.

Video Recording of the Symposium

Audio Only Recording of the Symposium

Hosted by the Ohio Valley Grad & Faculty ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in partnership with the Society of Christian Scholars & Global Scholars

Presenter: Dr. Gordon Smith is the president of Ambrose Photo of Gordon T. SmithUniversity. He teaches systematic theology and spiritual theology and is the author of many books, including Courage and Calling, Called to be Saints, Spiritual Direction, The Voice of Jesus, and Teach us to Pray.

“The assumption that there is another sphere of reality beyond what we fan see and touch and taste and hear seems manifestly a contradiction to the dominant social, political, and cultural context in which we are being called to live out our Christian faith…..We live in societies and communities where the Christian voice is no longer privileged: religious identity and values are consistently discounted.

…What does it mean to pray when the kingdoms of this world are front and center?….What does it mean to pray when materialism – the assumption that the only reality is that which you can taste an touch and see/hear – is in the very air that we breathe? [An excerpt from, Teach us to Pray, published this year by IVPress,Pg. 20.]Cover of the book Teach Us To Pray

Dr. Smith addresses these questions and more with the wisdom of the ages and from living out his faith in the academic arena. Don’t miss this opportunity to be with him on this live zoom event on February 2, Saturday from 9am – 11:30am EST. The symposium will be a live webcast format with campuses participating across the Midwest, the country & world in partnership with the Society of Christian Scholars.

In addition to being the president of Ambrose University and Seminary in Calgary, Alberta, where he also serves as Professor of Systematic and Spiritual Theology, he is also a Teaching Fellow at Regent College, Vancouver, BC. He is married to Joella and they have two adult sons – married and with children of their own.

At OSU we will gathered to participate in this online symposium in Arps Hall. For more details contact Howard Van Cleave.

Wednesday Book Group Selects Spring Semester Book

The Wednesday morning book group called the Dead Theologians Society will be reading Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. This is the first title in his spiritual theology series. “The single most important thing to understand in spiritual theology is that it is not about theology… it is a cultivated disposition to live theology.” Peterson’s great skills as a pastor an d as a writer combine to lead us to more deeply live our faith.

We meet at the Panera on Lane Avenue across from St. Johns’s Arena starting at 7:45 AM. We read roughly 30 pages a week for the weekly discussion. On January 16 Paul will provide a background on Eugene Peterson’s life and Bill will have a list of weekly readings. If you have questions contact Paul Post.

Come join us!

CGSA/FCFS Host Annual Christmas Carol Sing Dec. 10

The Christian Graduate Student Alliance and the Fellowship of Drawing of carolers singing under a street light with snow falling.Christian Faculty and Staff  are presenting the Annual Christmas Carol Sing on Monday, December 10 at noon in the Ohio Staters, Inc. Founders Room on the second floor of the Ohio Union. We will gather for a time of fellowship and optional lunch (can be purchased on your own beforehand at the Union Market downstairs). The sing along with musicians from CGSA will start at 12:30pm.

Carol Sing RSVP

Lunch with a Purpose

Held Thursday, November 1, 2018, at noon (EST) for Lunch with a Purpose featured Kathy Tuan-MacLean, PhD, National Director of Faculty Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

Kathy shared insights she has gained from her work withPhoto of faculty gathered at a lunch. faculty and graduate students at Harvard over the past decade and her vision, hopes, and the opportunities she sees for faculty across the country in the years to come. In addition to presenting the Four Loves of Academic Life, Kathy will explore aspects of prayer and the connections of prayer to the academic life.

Recordings of this live, interactive, online event are available.
Video recording
Audio only recording
Kathy Tuan-MacLean’s slides
Howard Van Cleave’s resources slides

Kathy has served with InterVarsity for over 25 years, and in 2017 became the National Director for InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry. She also spearheads the Boston Faculty Fellowship (BFF). Kathy earned her PhD from Northwestern University in Human Development and Social Policy. She is married to Scott MacLean and they have three children.

If you have questions about the event contact to Howard Van Cleave at

Hosted by the Ohio Valley GFM Team, Howard Van Cleave, Special Event Coordinator

The Lamp Post

Welcome to The Lamp Post—a newsletter from InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry. In November 2016, we relit what we believe is an important resource for faculty, trusting it will engage, inform, and encourage you.

As the name implies, The Lamp Post is about bringing light, helping us to grow in our understanding of God in the face of Christ (II Cor. 4:5-9). May you find encouragement from the articles linked below. Each issue features pieces we recommend from Graduate & Faculty Ministries, The Well, and the Emerging Scholars Network related to spiritual formation, integration of faith and work, and other relevant resources.

Please consider subscribing to The Lamp Post so that you will receive future editions of the Faculty Newsletter delivered directly to your Inbox.

I am grateful for your service to God on campus.

Debra Block Clark
Interim Faculty Ministry Director

Link to past articles from The Lamp Post.

What Has Christianity Ever Done For Us?

This book is available as gift for new faculty and for anyone who requests the book before October 31, while supplies last.

Contact Howard VanCleave to receive a copy.

From the cover

What has Christianity ever done for us? What value is there in seeking to preserve its influence today? In this book, Jonathan Hill answers these questions with some questions of his own. For instance, why do we seal wine bottles with cork? Where did musical notation come from? How did universities get their start? And why was the world’s first fully literate society not in Europe, Asia or North America? As Hill tells the story of the centuries-long entanglement between Christianity and Western culture, he shows the profound influence that Christianity has had–from what we drink to how we speak, from how we write to how we mark the seasons. Employing a rich, narrative style packed with events and people and illustrated throughout in full color, he describes the place of Christianity both in history and in the present day. What Has Christianity Ever Done for Us? is an enlightening and often humorous tour of culture and thought, the arts, the landscape, education, society, spirituality and ethics, and social justice. Here is a rich, entertaining and informative read.

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