Christmas Carol Sing – Co-hosted with the Christian Graduate Student Alliance

Next Luncheon – Thursday, December 11

Join us for learning the history of some Christmas Carols and then singing them.

Stu Collins will introduce the Carols’ history

Bob Gillespie, violin, and Paul Robinson, string bass, will provide accompaniment.

NEW LOCATION: Ohio Union, Maudine Cow Room

For December we will be in the OHIO UNION for our luncheon. You may get your lunch at the Union Market (food court).

We have timed the process of getting food in the Union Market and walking down or taking the elevator to the lower level, Maudine Cow Room. With little or no waiting in line on the day we went it took one of us 7 minutes, to get a Pasta Bowl for $6.50; it took the other person 20 minutes to get a hamburger & drink for $8.65. Plan to arrive at the Ohio Union by 11:15am if you plan to get food. We will start the Christmas Carol Sing over lunch (purchased in the Union Market) at 11:30am. We will have greeters posted near the food court and by the stairway and elevator to assist you find the room.

Information and plans for the event:

  1. Come to the Ohio Union.  
  2. Go through the line in Union Market with your tray. Pay at the end, cash or debit/credit card.
  3. Go to the lower level via elevator or stairs. The Maudine Cow Room is at the east end.
  4. It is open seating at tables for those who bring lunch. (If you are not eating we ask that you use the chairs provided around the room).
  5. Carol books will be available listing the music and lyrics for each song we sing but we will also project words on the screen up front.
  6. Toward the end we will have time to take requests if your favorite has not yet been sung and is known by our musicians and words are available.
  7. Dr. Stuart Collins, Jr. will be our MC and he will introduce his daughter-in-law, Susan Collins from the Oxley Thompson Library who will moderate the sing.
  8. Please click the reservation button below to make your reservation.

Come, spend an enjoyable luncheon with Fthe ellowship of Christian Faculty & Staff (FCFS) and the Christian Graduate Student Alliance (CGSA) learning about and singing some of our favorite Christmas Carols. We will be looking at the history/backgrounds of the development of these influential hymns.

You may also come just to join in the singing which is scheduled to start at noon.

You can RSVP here.

Pastor Appreciation and Briefing Luncheon

Thursday, November 20, 11:30 am
Faculty Club, Jr. Colleagues RoomInvite your pastor to lunch

The luncheon was presented by the Fellowship of Christian Faculty and Staff (FCFS) at OSU, a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, in partnership with the Christian Graduate Student Alliance at OSU.

This was an opportunity for our pastors to hear about Christian groups on campus, and also hear from some of our faculty and staff about the realities of living out their Christian faith in their university roles.

Dr. Bob Gillespie (School of Music) was the MC. The program included, introductions, sharing, and guest speaker Professor Jeff Chalmers describing some tensions between being a church member and being a faculty member. Cost is $16 per person.  Please reserve a place for yourself and pastor below.


Influential Books Luncheon

Thursday, October 16
Books that have changed your life

We  shared with each other brief reviews of books we have read recently and that could then be used to start discussion groups on campus. A list of the books discussed is linked below as is a list of books read by the Dead Theologians Society.

Books Discussed October 2014

Dead Theologians Society Reading List

Bob Trube posted on his blog about this luncheon with Amazon links to all the books:

Past Luncheon – September 18

Thursday, September 18

What the Bible says about creation care?
      ~ Living Faithfully To Live Sustainably

Speaker Dr. Greg Hitzhusen,
School of Environment and Natural Resources

Photo of Greg Hitzhusen

Dr. Hitzhusen’s research has several areas of interest:
Theory and practice of faith-community environmental education and ethics,
Religious influences on environmental attitudes and behavior,
Environmental ethics; Eco-theology; Religion and ecology,
Energy and climate change education and outreach trends in faith communities,
Writing-in-the-majors and sustainability across the curriculum.

Greg’s Handout - EcoTheology, Genesis, Dominion & Christ

Earthkeeping Summit 2014


This information from the Ohio Interfaith Power And Light Earthkeeping Summit page.

Location: Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center (OSU), 2201 Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus, OH  43210  

An invitation to Ohio’s faith community to gather on October 12 & 13, 2014 to empower a religious response to climate change through:

  • sharing Earthkeeping congregational and advocacy success stories;
  • learning from one another about the joys and challenges of our Earthkeeping efforts;
  • affirming the moral and ethical foundations of our response to climate change; and
  • offering resources to equip congregations to fulfill their responsibility for the stewardship of creation

We are excited to feature exceptional speakers for the Summit, including:

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe (Sunday, October 12, 7:00pm)


Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is an Associate Professor of Public Administration and Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech. She was recently named to TIME’s 2014 list of the 100 most influential people in the world and appeared in the climate change documentary Years of Living Dangerously. She co-authored a book with her husband, an evangelical pastor, Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-based Decisions. Dr. Hayhoe particularly focuses her work on how the poor and the vulnerable are affected by climate disruption.

Dr. Hayhoe is an excellent speaker and her talk Sunday evening will be a great introduction for those who can’t attend the full summit.

For more information and to register visit the Ohio Interfaith Power And Light Earthkeeping Summit page.


Following our recent symposium with the President of the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Santa Ono, we are seeking your thoughts moving forward with the conversation. This June we will host another event in the UP. In anticipation of the interactions on the topic: The Ends and Goals of Higher Education in Twenty-First-Century America: Change and the Calling of the Christian Educator, we have created a site to facilitate a dialogue., is now up and running! We invite you to go to the site and post a comment in the online discussion, If you are part of a small group on campus you could bring up this topic to others there or with a colleague over a breakfast, lunch, appointment and take notes on thoughts/responses and post to the board as “Thoughts from __________”.

New Small Group Forming

The link above entitled ‘Connecting’ will give you a list of small groups around campus that meet for mutual encouragement during the week. We are starting more groups. If you are interested please reply.

Currently we are interested in finding out who would like to be a part of a new group that will read and discuss The Good and Beautiful God. What follows is a brief snapshot of the topic. Group will meet at a time convenient for the greatest number of people. When you reply let us know what days and hours you are most available. The books have been ordered. This hardbound book retails at $23 but we have it for participants for $10.

We all have ideas that we tell ourselves about God and how he works in our lives. Some are true–but many are false. James Bryan Smith believes those thoughts determine not only who we are, but how we live. In fact, Smith declares, the most important thing about a person is what they think about God. The path to spiritual transformation begins here. This deep, loving and transformative book will help you discover the narratives that Jesus lived by–to know the Lord he knew and the kingdom he proclaimed–and to practice spiritual exercises that will help you grow in the knowledge of our good and beautiful God. Read more