Welcome new transfer students!

We are excited you are here! We know you have been through this before, and want to make the beginning of your journey to The Ohio State University as smooth as possible.

The one thing transfer students have in common is earning college credit after graduating from high school. Beyond that, Buckeye transfer students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

  • Have you taken time off of school to work or raise a family?
  • Did you go straight from high school to a community college or a 4-year college?
  • Did you serve in the U.S. military and are now ready to earn your bachelor’s degree?
  • Are you an international student currently studying in the U.S. or abroad?
  • Did you start college years ago, take a break, and are now reengaged to complete your degree?
  • Did you earn a GED?

Wherever you are coming from or your past experience has been, we are excited you are a Buckeye!

For prospective transfer students, use the navigation bar on the left to help you prepare for your transition to Ohio State.

For recently admitted transfer students, use the navigation bar on the left to access your Ohio State orientation.

For current transfer students, use the navigation bar on the left for information about campus resources and support, items to complete prior to the start of your first semester, and tips on achieving success during your time here.


Have a question that is not answered here? Not sure who to ask? Reach out to our Academic Success and Transfer Specialist, DeeDee Cruz, at cruz.375@osu.edu.