After Admission


Congratulations! We are excited to welcome you to the Buckeye family!


Wondering what to do in the time after admission and before Orientation? The Office of Admissions highlights some tasks like activating your Buckeyemail account for important updated from offices on campus, paying your acceptance fee, and signing up for housing. You should also:


1. Sign up for Orientation

    • When you pay your acceptance fee, you will be able to register for an orientation date. After you register for an orientation date, you will receive communication to your Ohio State email account from an academic advisor about a week prior to your orientation date.
    • Transfer student orientation is online. Orientation is a two-part component.
      • 1. You will select a day for your opening orientation session. This session is a mandatory session and provides information about campus, student life, involvement and commuter resources, among others.
      • 2. About two weeks prior to your selected orientation date, an academic advisor will send an email to your Ohio State email account regarding your appointment for registration. You will schedule an appointment with the academic advisor to discuss earned transfer credit and to register for classes for next semester. This appointment will take place at any time the week of your overview orientation session. (The availability of meeting with an academic advisor changes by college/major).


2. Consider your housing options and learn about commuter resources.


  • On-campus housing information and resources:
    • On-campus housing is limited. Though Ohio State requires all students to live on campus for two years, on-campus housing is not always available. Availability for transfer students is determined after the housing needs of freshmen students have been met. If housing is available, you will receive on-campus housing information via email no later than May.  It is highly recommended that any transfer student interested in on-campus housing arrangements have information on off-campus housing as well, as on-campus housing is limited.
      • If on-campus housing is unavailable for transfer students, the live on requirement for that year is waived.




3. Provide your health insurance information, or purchase student health insurance


4. Become familiar with Buckeye Link

Buckeyelink is your homepage with links related to your student account, class schedule, and class management system (called Carmen).