Tool #4: Storybird





Students use pictures and drawings to aid in writing stories. Students can work individually or together to create stories. Stories can be printed and/or shared.


Educational Uses:

  • Storybird encourages students to read and write

  • Provides students with the opportunity to collaborate

  • Provides students with more opportunity to not only create, but also to understand concepts and ideas, and increase self-confidence.


Content Standards and Assessments:

  • Storybird covers a vast range of the Common Core writing standards that spreads across the K-3 grade levels.

  • Common Core writing standards that Storybird supports are within the ‘text type and purposes’ as well as ‘production and distribution of writing’. 

  • Storybird allows students to peer edit. You have the ability to grade online, leave commits, and edit; or you can print the stories out to grade. This ensures that students are using the proper content of the lesson.


  • Web-based

  • Free classroom account

  • Easy to use

  • Can be used across all content areas

  • Several images to choose from



  • Must have internet access

  • Cannot edit images

  • Must have account in order to save or print stories

  • “Pro” access requires payment


*Site for students and teachers

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