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A website that has free and priced teaching resources made by teachers. You can download lesson plans, unit plans, activities, assessments, and many more. You can also upload and share or sale your own resources.


Educational Uses:

  • Use resources for lesson plans

  • Use resources to aid in lesson planning

  • Student activities

  • Whiteboard activities

  • Assessments

  • Projects

  • And so on…


Content Standards and Assessments:

TeachersPayTeachers offers a vast range of content standards. Many of the resources specifically state which Common Core standard it aligns with, while others you will need to find the appropriate standard. This sight offers resources for all content areas, and in several cases you can find cross-curricular lessons or activities. Many of the resources come with assessments aligned with the resource, some offer assessment suggestions, while others do not talk about assessments at all. As with anything you create or adapt it is your responsibility to ensure the content is aligned with the Common Core and that your assessment is appropriate.



  • Membership is free

  • Resources sorted by grade, content area, and resource type

  • Many resources already aligned with the Common Core

  • Assessments available

  • Smartboard activities available

  • Powerpoints available

  • Many resources are free



  • Many resources cost money

  • Not all resources are aligned to standards

  • Internet access required

  • Many resource are through Adobe


*Site for teachers

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