Tool #1: Brain Pop jr





  • An educational website with hundreds of short Flash-based movies and activities for students in grades K-3 covering a variety of subjects.     


Educational Uses:

    • Students can view the videos and do the activities as a computer center

    • Help English Language Learners work on vocabulary with BrainPopEsL

    • You can use the accompanying lesson plans to aid in planning your lessons using the BrainPopjr resources

    • You can show the videos and do the activities as a class using an interactive whiteboard

    • Access to lesson ideas, lesson plans, graphic organizers, videos and screencasts, curriculum calendar, mobile apps, interactive whiteboard activities, and student projects


Content Standards and Assessments:

Through the educators tab you can search for lessons, activities, and   videos based on common core standards, grade level, and subject. Each lesson topic includes assessments through quizzes activities and general suggestions on how to assess students. This allows students a multimodal range for displaying their knowledge.



  • Web-based

  •  Sorted by age and subject

  •  Integrated into core subjects

  •  Common Core aligned



  •   It is not free

  •   Must have Flash installed

  •   Must have internet access


*Site for students and teachers





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