Tool #5: Running Record Toolbox





This assessment tool allows you to measure students reading capability and comprehension without doing the math yourself. It provides you with a words per minute counter, symbol cheat sheet, accuracy table, and a running record calculator all to ensure the appropriate reading text for your students.


Educational Uses:

  • Keep tracks of students errors and self-corrections

  • Find students accuracy percent, error ratio and self-correction

  • Symbol cheat sheet ensures you are correctly recording students reading

  • Accuracy percent table informs you if the students book is just right, too easy, or too difficult


Content Standards and Assessments:

  • Common Core Reading standards states students must have and know appropriate phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. They must also read with accuracy and fluency to aid in their comprehension.

  • This tool is used to aid in the assessment and process of keeping running records with students readings.


  • Saves time

  • Reduces calculation errors

  • Ensures proper symbol use



  • Only compatible with an ipadĀ  or iphone

  • There is a small fee for app


*App for teacher use

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