Tool #6: Storyline Online






Storyline contains a group of 25 children’s books being read aloud by actors and/or actress on video tape. Each story begins with the actor/actress providing a short introduction. This site offers online and offline activities to aid in the use of each story.


Educational Uses:

  • Use in centers

  • Listening to reading provides students with modeling

  • Increases reading interest

  • Improves students fluency


Content Standards and Assessments:

This site allows students to work on the comprehension and listening standard of the Common Core standards, but you must supplement to ensure that students are listening and comprehending the stories. Just by listening students are learning how to read with fluency and voice. Students are being provided with  ample modeling through this site. To assess students you must ensure you are creating or choosing appropriate supplements or activities.



  • Web-based

  • Suggested activities for each book

  • Provides good reading modeling

  • Free



  • Must have internet access

  • Only 25 books

  • Books are not updated frequently

  • May need to supplement activities for comprehension


*Site for students

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