Tool #8: Renaissance Learning-Accelerated Reader






This site offers products for: reading, assessment, math, intervention, English language learners, and interactive hardware. We will be concentrating on the reading aspect. Through the reading product it offers an additional test to determine students reading level. It gives you the opportunity to  set individual goals for students and individual practice, it provides AR quizzes. Quizzes provide immediate feedback on  students comprehension to further instruction that can be shared with students and parents.


Educational Uses:

  • Track students AR quizzes and comprehension

  • Adjust reading levels

  • Set individual goals and practice for students

  • Receive immediate feedback to further instructional needs

  • Share students achievement and needs with parents

Content Standards and Assessments:

This site aligns with reading and comprehension standards of the Common Core standards. Students are able to show how much they truly are comprehending from their AR readings. They have the opportunity to think about their readings through their individual goals and practices. The site offers AR quizzes that assess students comprehension and provides immediate feedback to the students and you. The assessment allows you to print off results and send the results home to parents. The site also allows you to track students interest and achievements.



  • Determine reading levels

  • Set practice goals

  • Personalize practice

  • Students take AR quzzies

  • Instant feedback

  • Offers home connect for practice at home

  • Web-based



  • Must have internet access

  • Site is not free

  • Difficult to locate information on obtaining the product


*Site for students and teachers

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