Date Presenter Title
2024/5/10 Alireza
2024/5/3 Gokce
2024/4/26 Yunus
2024/4/19 Mike
2024/4/12 Yasemin
2024/4/5 Kenan TCRex: a webtool for the prediction of T-cell receptor sequence epitope specificity
2024/3/29 Alexys Adaptive modeling of satellite-derived nighttime lights time-series for tracking urban change processes using machine learning
2024/3/22 Jianli HUMUS-Net: Hybrid Unrolled Multi-Scale Network Architecture for Accelerated MRI Reconstruction
2024/3/15 Spring Break
2024/3/8 Eve Learning Robust Visual Features without Supervision DINO v2
2024/3/1 No meeting
2024/2/23 Henry Crowd Sourced IMU
2024/2/16 Kenan ATM-TCR: TCR-Epitope Binding Affinity Prediction Using a Multi-Head Self-Attention Model
2024/2/9 Yuci LLaVA: Large Language and Vision Assistant
2024/2/2 Pouyan ConceptGraphs: Open-Vocabulary 3D Scene Graphs for Perception and Planning
2024/1/26 Shehan Graphormer: Do Transformers Really Perform Badly for Graph Representation? Github Paper
2024/1/19 Jiyong VectorMapNet: End-to-end Vectorized HD Map Learning
2024/1/12 Introductions