Date Presenter Title
2020/05/17 Bing Zha
2020/05/24 Yuci Han
2020/05/17 Jianli Wei
2020/05/24 Mike Bai
2020/05/17 ICCV Reviews
2020/05/10 Pouyan Boresh Navard
2020/05/03 Bing Zha Where Am I: From Neuroscience to Artificial Intelligence
2020/04/26 No meeting
2020/04/19 Yuci Han Cross-View Policy Learning for Street Navigation
2020/04/12 Mike & Shehan Covid Showcase Presentations
2020/04/05 Jianli Wei Qualifier Presentation
2020/03/29 Guanyu Xu TrackMPNN: A message passing graph neural architecture for multi object tracking
2020/03/22 Akif Durdu LSTM and Filter Based Comparison Analysis for Indoor Global Localization in UAVs
2020/03/15 Pouyan Boresh Navard Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis
2020/03/08 Mike Bai Camera vibration measurement using blinking light-emitting diode array
2020/03/01 Bing Zha You are here: Geolocation by embedding maps and images
2020/02/22 Guobiao Yao
2020/02/15 Shehan Perera Deep Learning for 3D Point Clouds: A Survey.
2020/02/08 Mike Karnes Online Multiple Object Tracking Based on Open-Set Few-Shot Learning
2020/02/01 Yuci Han Mastering Atari, Go, Chess and Shogi by Plannning with a Learned
2020/01/25 Jianli Wei Reinforcement Learning for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem
2020/01/18 NO MEETING
2020/01/11 NO MEETING
2020/01/04 Guanyu Xu Deep learning in video multi-objects tracking: A survey