Graduate Minor Options

Graduate Minors. A graduate minor involves one program outside a student’s major graduate program. A graduate minor requires a minimum of 10 hours of graduate-level course work in at least three courses. Twenty hours of graduate level courses is the maximum allowance for graduate minors. The student must receive a grade of “B” or better or “S” in each course comprising the graduate minor. The completed graduate minor will appear on the student’s transcript after the student has completed the transcript designation form available through GRADFORMS.

Suggested Minor

Computer Science and Engineering: Artificial Intelligence Track with 10 or more credits: See the flyer for more information. Courses in AI Track are as follows:

CSE 4521, CSE 5521, CSE 5522, CSE 5523, CSE 5524, CSE 5525, CSE 5526, CSE 5539, CSE 5914

Statistics: Requirements of each minor see our program guide.