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Director: Alper Yilmaz, PhD

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Dr. Yilmaz is a Professor of Geo-Informatics at The Ohio State University. He is a fellow of ASPRS, a senior member of IEEE, and a senior member of the US National Academy of Inventors. Dr. Yilmaz is president of the ISPRS Technical Commission II on Photogrammetry and serves as the Editor-In-Chief for the Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing Journal. He served as Associate Editor for the Computer Vision and Image Understanding Journal between 2014 and 2016 and the Machine Vision and Applications Journal between 2006 and 2011.

Based on a recent study from Stanford University and Elsevier (published on October 4, 2023), Dr. Yilmaz is listed among the top 1% most cited researchers in the fields of “Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing” and “Geological & Geomatics Engineering.” The ranking covers 22 majors and 176 submajors.

Dr. Yilmaz’s research focuses on biomimetic navigation systems for unmanned systems, mining anomalies in multi-physics and multi-dimensional data for surveillance, and learning geospatial information for scene understanding. He has organized many Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Computer Vision conferences. Dr. Yilmaz’s research has received over $13M in extramural funding from NASA, NSF, DOD, DOE, NIH, and industry, resulting in over 200 publications and patents that received close to 14,000 citations (according to Google Scholar).

Dr. Yilmaz was awarded the Outstanding Service Award in 2022 by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the Innovator of Year (OSU) – annually given only to one faculty across the university – in 2020, Presidential citation in 2019 from the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, honorable mention for the Masao Horiba Award (Japan) in 2016, the Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Award (OSU) in 2015, and the Lumley Research Award (OSU) in 2012. He has advised 24 Ph.D. and 15 M.Sc. students to completion on topics ranging from photogrammetry, machine learning, and computer vision who have found positions in prominent academic institutions, industry, and the government.

Current Members

Name (ordered by seniority) Degree Sought Contact
Michael Karnes (CEG) PhD
Gulcin Sarici Turkmen (MAE) (co-advised) PhD
Shehan Perera (ECE) PhD
Yuci Han (ECE) PhD
Pouyan Boreshnavard (CEG) PhD
Alexys Rodriguez Avellaneda (CEG) (co-advised) PhD
Jiyong Kwag (CEG) (co-advised) PhD
Yunus Talha Erzurumlu (ECE) PhD
Gokce A. Inal (CEG) PhD
Yasemin Ozkut (ECE) MSc
Kenan Menguc (ITU) Visiting Scholar
Ramazan Dogan (KTU) Visiting Scholar
Hulya Dogan (KTU) Visiting Scholar
Eve Myadze-Pike (CSE) BSc.
Henry Redder (CSE) B.Sc.
Kaizhi Yang (CSE) B.Sc.
Rahul Medicharla (CSE) B.Sc.


Winter 2024
Summer 2022
Autumn 2021


Name (LinkedIn) Degree, Year Dissertation title
Jianli Wei PhD 2023 Enabling Platform Agnostic Situational Awareness using Machine Learning and View Geometry
David Novikov BSc 2023 Geopositioning ground objects in UAS imagery
Yongsheng (Mike) Bai PhD 2022 Deep Learning with Vision-based Technologies for Structural Damage Detection and Health Monitoring
Bing Zha PhD 2021 Map-Based Trajectory Learning for Geolocalization Using Deep Learning
Yuci Han MS 2020 Visual Navigation with UAV Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Shehan Perera MS 2020 Automated Intracranial Hemorrhage and Subtype Detection
Muhammed (Taha) Koroglu PhD 2019 Multiple Hypothesis Testing Approach to Pedestrian Inertial Navigation with Non-recursive Bayesian Map-matching
Nima Ajam Gard PhD 2019 Human Contour Detection and Tracking: A Geometric Deep Learning Approach
Ji Hyun Lee PhD 2018 Development of a Tool to Assist the Nuclear Power Plant Operator in Declaring a State of Emergency Based on the Use of Dynamic Event Trees and Deep Learning Tools
Yujia Zhang PhD 2018 A Structured-Light Based 3D Reconstruction Using Combined Circular Phase Shifting Patterns
Oliver Nina PhD 2018 MTLE: A Multitask Learning Encoder-N-Decoder Framework for Temporal-Visual Features for Movie and Video Descriptions
Changlin Xiao PhD 2017 Visual Tracking with an Application to Augmented Reality
Sagar Deshpande PhD 2017 Semi-automated methods to create a hydro-flattened DEM using Single Photon and Linear Mode LiDAR
Ashish Gupta PostDoc 2017
Sai Luo MS 2017 Semantic Movie Scene Segmentation Using Bag-of-Words Representation
Abdullah Alanazi MS 2017 Evaluation of the accuracy of GIS data acquired from OpenStreetMaps by comparing it against ISPRS benchmark data
Yuchen Lai MS 2017 Augmented Reality Visualization of Building Information Models
Siavash HosseinyAlamdary PhD 2016 Traffic Scene Perception Using Multiple Sensors for Vehicular Safety Purposes
Adam Mattmuller MS 2016 Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Improvements Via Implementation of Wearable Technology
Anuchit Sukcharoenpong PhD 2015 Shoreline Mapping with Integrated HSI-DEM using Active Contour Method
Ding Li PhD 2015 ESA ExoMars PanCam Vision System Geometric Modeling and Evaluation
Daniya Zamalieva PhD 2014 Transformational Models for Background Subtraction in Moving Cameras
Young Jin Lee PhD 2014 Real-Time Object Motion and 3D Localization From Geometry
Andrew Kerns MS 2014
Bernard Abayowa PhD 2013 Automatic Registration of Optical Aerial Imagery to a LIDAR Point Cloud for Generation of Large Scale City Models
Heewon Lee PhD 2013 Exploiting the dichromatic reflection model of an imaged object
Mohammed Al-Shahri PhD 2013 Line Matching in a Wide-Baseline Stereo-View
Kyoungjin Park PhD 2013 Generating Thematic Maps From Hyperspectral Images Using A Bag-of-Materials Model
Jordan Lawver MS 2013 Robust Feature Tracking in Image Sequences Using View Geometric Constraints
Jinwei Jiang PhD 2012 Collaborative Tracking of Image Features Based on Projective Invariance
Panu Srestasathiern PhD 2012 Line-Based Estimation of Object Space Geometry and Camera Motion
Kashyap Maduri MS 2012
Gabor Barsai PhD 2011 Data registration without explicit correspondence for estimating camera orientation parameters
Diego Mandelli PhD 2011 Scenario Clustering and Dynamic PRA
Vinod Khare MS 2011 Precise image registration and occlusion detection
Lei Ding PhD 2010 From pixels to people: graph-based methods for grouping problems in computer vision
Rhae-Sung Kim MS 2010 Spectral matching using bitmap indices of spectral derivatives for the analysis of hyperspectral imagery
Ryan (Polun) Lai PhD 2010 Shape recovery by exploiting planar topology in 3D projective space
Mustafa Ozendi MS 2010 Viewpoint-independent image classification and retrieval

Visiting Scholars

Name Year
Serkan Zobar 2022-23
Yao Guobia 2019-20
Akif Durdu 2019-20
Mehmet Korkmaz 2018-19
Yatong Han 2017-18
Jie Wan 2017-18
Hu Junfeng 2017-18
Zhao Yafeng 2017-19
Xuhui Su 2016-17
Kemal Erdogan 2016-17
Meng Yi 2016-17
Shirui Li 2016-17
Mancheng Feng 2015-16
Zeshu Zhang 2015-16
Huan Chang 2014-2015
Feng Wang 2014-15
Prashast Bindal 2014
Weisen Pan 2013
Levent Ozparlak 2012-2013
Betul Ay 2012-2013
Haluk Eren 2011-12
Aliye Kayis 2011-2012
Jae-Soo Cho 2009-10
Kong-Hyun Yun 2008-9