Neural Network Workstations

Setting workstation up

The $hostname$ of the new machines are

  • coming soon

You can use this hostname to connect directly via SSH (for a terminal/non-graphical session) or via FastX v3 (for a graphical session).

The machine uses your OSU usernames and passwords for login, as with other OSU services. You must use VPN client Pulse to connect to OSU Engineering college and ssh to the Lambda workstation from there.

  • Pulse VPN client installation and information can be found here
  • ssh into system using

                ssh -l username.number
                ssh NEWHOST -lusername.number

Follow the instructions below to set up your account for deep learning.

  • Instructions for setting up Anaconda are found here and here
  • Use pip3 to install pytorch:

    pip3 install torch torchvision torchaudio

  • Instructions for setting up the FastX v3 client are found here
  • Install jupyter

    conda install -c anaconda jupyter

Logging in and activating the deep learning environment

ssh into the system and use the following command to activate the environment

conda activate deep_learn

Once you are done, deactivate and logout

conda deactivate