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Five new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1313 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

With johnsongrass starting to pop up in pasture fields across Ohio, that’s one weed that if managed correctly could be fed. That’s the subject Jordan Penrose discusses this week.

Articles this week include:

    • Johnsongrass; Feed or Weed?
    • Pigeons Not Welcome
    • What is the real cost of mineral supplementation?
    • When to Cull Bulls
    • Drought Continues to Drive Feedlot Placements Higher in August

Seven new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1314 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

Despite experiencing our first frost for this fall here in Fairfield County on Monday, there’s still lots of forage and feed management to be considered. That’s the majority of our focus for this week.

We’ll be at the Fairfield County Fair most of next week so there likely won’t be another BEEF Cattle letter posting for two weeks.

Articles this week include:

    • Hay Quality 2022 . . . challenging!
    • Hay vs. Haylage: Is there a difference?
    • Practice Patience With Your Stockpile
    • Feeding Frosted Forages
    • The Cattle Cycle
    • 2022 Heifer Price Discounts

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