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Four new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1321 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

With lots of cattle about to go on feed throughout Ohio, this week Richard Purdin talks about the purpose of a feed grinder and its proper use.

Articles this week include:

    • The Feed Grinder Mixer, Friend, or Foe?
    • Answering the age-old question: Is cottonseed going to make my bulls infertile?
    • Demand Part 2: Beef Demand Determinants
    • Strong Counter Seasonal Finish to the Year in Process

Small Ruminant

Family Forests and Carbon Webinar

The videos and other resources from last week’s A DAY in the WOODS webinar  Family Forests and Carbon Webinar are now available at The videos have been divided into three parts for ease of viewing:

  • Part 1 -“Carbon 101”, Charles Levesque (President, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC and Coordinator, Securing Northeast Forest Carbon Program
  • Part 2- “Ohio’s Family Forest Carbon Program (AFF/TNC)”, Tristan Kinnison (American Forest Foundation)
  • Part 3- “Examples of current Forest Carbon projects in Ohio”, Anthony Pappas (Heritage Habitat & Forestry, LLC)

Southern Ohio Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training

This meeting will fulfill the three-hour requirement for private or commercial applicators who need agricultural fertilizer applicator certification.


DATE: Thursday, December 1, 2022

TIME: 5:00 pm –8:00 pm

LOCATION: Southern State Community College. 100 Hobart Drive, Hillsboro, OH 45133. Room 106.

COST: $35.00 due by the registration deadline

REGISTRATION and PAYMENT DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 29, 2022

PAYMENT: Check or cash only. Make payments to OSU Extension. Payments can be sent to 119 Governor Foraker Pl. Suite 202, Hillsboro, OH 45133


Who Should Attend? Fertilizer certification is required if you apply fertilizer (other than manure) to more than 50 acres of agricultural production grown primarily for sale. If you hire a co-op or other custom applicator to make your fertilizer applications, you do not need the certification. This training is for private and commercial applicators.

What will be covered? Best management practices will be the basis of the agricultural fertilizer certification training with a focus on fertilizer applications that have the appropriate rate, timing, placement, and source. Learn more about fertilizer certification at

Contact & Payment Information
Contact: James Morris, morris.1677@osu.eduor call 937-393-6018

Hosted by OSU Extension – Adams, Brown, Clermont, and Highland Counties Agriculture and Natural Resources Educators

Farm Management Education for Women – Annie’s Project

Join us for Annie’s Project series this fall in Greenville, OH hosted by OSU Extension of Darke and Miami County

Annie’s Project is an educational program dedicated to strengthening women’s roles in modern farm enterprises.

This 6-week workshop focuses on five key areas of risk management: human, financial, marketing, production, and legal. Women learn about agri-business practices from experts in their fields. They also form valuable networks with others in the class.


The cost is $75.00 per person
The registration deadline is January 20, 2023


Course Contacts:

  • Miami County – Amanda Bennett at 937-440-3495 or
  • Darke County – Taylor Dill at 937-569-5000 or


Session 1: Jan 30

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Real Colors Personality Test
  • What kinds of risks do we need to manage?

Session 2: Feb 2

  • Legal Liability: What is it and How to Manage it?
    • Liability for property visitors, negligence, pesticides, livestock, nuisance, contracts, insurance, food licensing

Session 3: Feb 6

  • Tips for Direct Marketing
  • Developing Your Social Media Presence
  • Grain Marketing Basics
  • How much does production cost?
  • Exploring Marketing Tools

Session 4: Feb 9

  • Record Keeping
  • Getting your Finances in Order
  • SDA Loans
  • How do you measure up against similar operations?

Session 5: Feb 13

  • Family Communication and Stress
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Farm Transition and Succession Planning

Session 6: Feb 16

  • Knowing your Resources
    • Farm Service Agency
    • Natural Resources Conservation Service
    • Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Crop Insurance

Event Sponsors

Graves-Fearon Agency

Darke County Farm Bureau

Miami County Farm Bureau

Farm Credit Mid-America

Phelan Insurance

Merchants Bank of Indiana

Livestock News

Issues from November 9, 16 & 23, 2022

Beef Cattle News

Five new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1320 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

This week Christine Gelley offers her thoughts on the blessings we often receive from the many learning experiences we find on the farm!

Articles this week include:

    • Constructively Thankful
    • Winter Application of Manure
    • Meat Judging Programs and Why They Matter
    • Do Beef Prices Drive Consumption or Does Beef Consumption Drive Prices?
    • Cattle on Feed

Have a great holiday, and don’t forget to enjoy your Black Friday by shopping at the 10th annual Replacement Female Sale!

Four new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1319 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

This week, more indications for optimism remain strong for the immediate future of most segments of the beef cattle business!

Articles this week include:

    • Tenth Annual OCA Replacement Female Sale Features 86 Lots
    • Making EPDs Understandable
    • Cow and Heifer Slaughter Implications for Cattle Inventory
    • Lower Retail Beef Prices

Four new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1318 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

Dry weather – especially over the past two months – has thrown a monkey wrench into even the best-laid plans for managing forages this fall. This week Chris Penrose digs into those concerns as he simply asks, “Are you still grazing?”

Articles this week include:

    • Are You Still Grazing?
    • Doc, how do I use a modified live vaccine in my cows?
    • September Beef Exports are Lower Compared to Last Year
    • Corn Price and Dry Distiller Grain Price Relationship

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