Ohio State On Farm Research Meeting

Regional meetings are being held around the state to discuss on-farm research trials from 2018 and opportunities for 2019.  Our area meeting is in Massillon on Wednesday, February 27th.  Click on this link for details 2019_eFieldsFlyer_Eastern-2cyifmy

This meeting will provide overviews of research conducted in 2018 in the eastern part of the state including summaries from John Fulton, Chris Penrose, Chris Zoller, and Jason Hartschuh. If you are interested in conducting on-farm research this will be a great opportunity to learn from some experienced Educators. Aaron Wilson will also be available to provide a look back at 2018 weather and a preview of what may be coming in 2019.

The deadline for registration is February 22nd but I can still get you in after that.  If some people want to ride together let me know and I can help make arrangements (740-670-5315).  Copies of the 2018 eFields are available for free at the Extension Office.  This contains results from 95 on-farm research sites in 25 counties for 2018 trials with a good variety of experiments.  We will be sure to have trials in Licking County for 2019.  Let me know if you are interested.


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