Yield Monitor Calibration: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Yield Monitor Calibration: Garbage In, Garbage Out

From the Purdue Pest & Crop newsletter

Author: Bob Nielsen

Understand this one simple fact about grain yield monitors: They do not measure grain yield.

How’s that for an opening statement?

What I want you to understand is that yield monitors ESTIMATE yield by converting electrical signals received from a mass impact or optical sensor, located somewhere in the clean grain elevator of the combine, into ESTIMATES of grain flow (lbs) per second or two of travel time. Along with ESTIMATES of distance traveled (usually based on differentially corrected GPS signals), header width, and ESTIMATES of grain moisture content… the yield monitor’s firmware / software then ESTIMATES “dry” grain yield per acre, at a moisture content of your choice, and records those yield estimates, and their geographic location in the field, every second or two in the display’s memory or uploaded by cellular connection to a Cloud-based Web server.

Flow sensor.
Flow sensor.

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Pumpkin Disease Diagnosis Field Night

Attention Pumpkin Growers-


We will be holding a Pumpkin Disease Diagnosis Field Night at the Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

This field night will be hosted by Brad Bergefurd.

The Southern Ohio Cooperative will be a part of the this event.

Many topics will be covered such as:

  • Pumpkin crop management
  • 20 Pumpkin cultivar evaluations
  • Disease control and management
  • Disease screening for powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose and white speck
  • Walking tour of our pumpkin field trial
  • And more

If you are a current pumpkin grower, or are thinking of growing pumpkins, then you do not want to miss this field night.

Cost to attend is $10.00 per person.  Preregistration is required.  To register, you may contact Charissa Gardner at gardner.1148@osu.edu or at 740.289.2071 ext. 132.  Deadline to register is October 2, 2018.

Please see flyer below and attached for full details.

PumpkinFieldNight 10.3.18-236zyob

Space is limited, register today!

Charissa Gardner

Charissa E. Gardner

Program Coordinator

CFAES Staff Advisory Council

College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

The Ohio State University South Centers
Research and Extension, 1864 Shyville Road, Piketon, OH 45661

740.289.2071 Ext. 132 Office / 740.289.4591 Fax



Fall Treasures in Your Woodland: Fungi, Lichens and More

From Dave Apsley,  OSU Natural Resources Specialist


Our next  A DAY in the WOODS program featuring “Fall Treasures in your Woodland:  Fungi, Lichens and More” will be offered at the Vinton Furnace State Forest on October 12   Click on the following link to learn about our awesome line up of presenters and topics for this program.


Feel free to share this link and information about A DAY in the WOODS with your friends and neighbors.  Brochures are available at many Ohio State University Extension and SWCD offices in SE Ohio.

Be Sure to make the time to enjoy A DAY in the WOODS!

 Dave A.s

Tax class webinar for both farmers and tax preparers

Agricultural Tax Issues Webinar

Barry Ward, OSU Extension, Director, OSU Income Tax Schools


Tax practitioners, farmers and farmland owners are encouraged to connect to the Ag and Natural Resources Income Tax Issues Webinar on Dec. 17 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is sponsored by Ohio State University Extension and participants can attend the webinar at host locations throughout Ohio or connect at home or office.

The webinar focuses on issues specific to farm tax returns related to agriculture and natural resources, and will highlight key regulations of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act related specifically to those income tax returns.

The program is an intermediate-level course for tax preparers whose clients include farmers and rural landowners. Farmers who prepare and file their own taxes will also benefit from the webinar.

Topics to be discussed during the webinar include: Continue reading

Are you Beef Quality Assurance certified yet?

Beef Quality Assurance

Consumers are concerned for animal health, and the sustainability of the production systems their food’s raised in.”

That statement is just one of several discussed during the 2018 Ohio Beef School presentations that have caused teaching and certifying Ohio’s cattlemen in Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) to become a priority. Adding even more meaning to that statement is the fact that Tyson Foods, who harvest and process 25% of the US beef market share, and also Wendy’s, now the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the U.S., have both announced beginning in 2019 cattle they purchase must originate from producers and feedyards who are Beef Quality Continue reading

Farm Science Review

The 2018 Farm Science Review will be September 18th through the 20th.  Tickets will be available in advance for $7.00 and at the gate for $10.00.  Advance tickets are available at several local businesses including: Legend Farm and Feed Supply, Newark;  Farm Credit, Utica; Utica Feed and Hardware; H. W. Martin and Son, Hebron; Hanby Farms, Nashport; and Granville Milling in Granville and Johnstown.

Click here for more information 

Be on the lookout – Palmer Amaranth has been found in Licking County!

Palmer amaranth – what it is and what to do now?

Author: Mark M. Loux, Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University. Revised 11/17


What is Palmer amaranth and where is it coming from?

Palmer amaranth is an Amaranthus (pigweed) species that has become a

devastating glyphosate-resistant weed problem in the South and parts of the

Midwest over the past decade. It has caused substantial losses in crop yield and

farm income, and a permanent increase in the cost of herbicide programs.
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Thinking about selling timber?

Our next  A DAY in the WOODS program featuring  Timber Harvesting-Things to Consider will be offered at the Zaleski State Forest-ODNR Complex on September 14.   Click on the following link to learn about our awesome line up of presenters and topics for this program.

Click here for more information

Note:  This post contains a detailed map and directions to the Zaleski-ODNR complex .  This is the old CCC camp that has recently been renovated.  The Zaleski ODNR Complex is located at 29371 Wheelabout Road, McArthur, Ohio 45651.

Feel free to share this link and information about A DAY in the WOODS with your friends and neighbors.  Brochures are available at many Ohio State University Extension and SWCD offices in SE Ohio.

Be Sure to make the time to enjoy A DAY in the WOODS!

Do you know a youth that is interested in winning a starter flock of sheep?



The Ohio Cheviot Breeders Association (OCBA) is seeking applicants for the Jim Cluff Memorial Starter Flock Award.

The OCBA started the contest in 1994 to award a Cheviot starter flock to an Ohio youth up to 17 years of age. The purpose of the award is to introduce the youth to the enjoyment of raising and owning a purebred Cheviot sheep, as well as encouraging the growth of new Cheviot breeders in Ohio.

The contest winner will receive the following: a one-year membership in the OCBA, one bred ewe the first year, one ram the second year and in the third year the youth will donate a lamb to continue the award.

The application deadline is September 30th. For an application and contest rules please contact Bob Hunter at (614)483-3202 or at rpkjhunter@msn.com.