Ohio Supreme Court

My favorite experience from Explore Columbus class was our tour of the Thomas J Moyer Ohio Judicial Center. I had 0 expectations going into the tour and was instantly shocked as I entered the building. The mosaics on the ceiling as we entered the building were just a hint of the art and sculptures that were integrated within the architecture of the Supreme Court. The book matching of the marble in the main hall way was a brilliant way of the designers pulling the entire building together. Giving the marble a flush look with the exception of the cut lines took an incredible amount of effort and looks great in the grand scheme of the hallway. Also, I really enjoyed seeing inside the courtroom because of the murals and wood work that went into making that room such an enjoyable place which is rather ironic when you think of its uses. Lastly, the views from the library really tied it all together for me. Being able to see the Central High School and new Scioto Mile development that we learned about earlier in the course from almost an aerial perspective was great.