Drinko Hall

By Becca Finkes

Drinko_Hall_(2006)Drinko Hall is the home to The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law. It opened its doors in 1956, and renovations by Gunnar Birkerts and NBBJ expanded the building in 1993. The conventional original façade of the building that faces High Street starkly contrasts with the innovative addition that relays hierarchy in the building towards campus. (Figure 1).
Drinko Hall resides on 12th Avenue and High Street, the very south east corner of the university. Drinko is surrounded by green space with many walking paths to invite people to come on campus, as this is the first OSU building seen while traveling up High Street. (Figure 2). Also inviting people onto campus, the converging walls of the building meet and point towards the South Oval and the rest of the university. (Figure 3).
The façades of the additions to the building consist of concrete and irregularly patterned windows. (Figure 4). The northern main entrance is outlined by paired columns, reminiscing on traditional judicial architecture.3003
Inside, Drinko includes classrooms, a café, a courtroom, and the largest law library in Ohio. It is noted as a very prestigious law school, containing a multitude of resources for its students.

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