Schiller Park

By Alexandra Hammersla

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Standing as the second oldest park in the city of Columbus, is Schiller Park. This park has been under a variety of names over the years. At first the townspeople called in Stewarts Grove, then it later began to be called City Park. Finally, it has settled upon the name of Schiller Park as a tribute to the German poet, Friedrich von Schiller.

The name for the park is only appropriate because it sits in the heart of German Village. In response to World War 2 German village had forgone a major change. German street names were changed to more American names. This is where Schiller Park took on its fourth, but not final, name of Washington Park. After the war the beloved park was renamed Schiller Park.

This park spans over 23 acres and features a quantity of activities to keep the surrounding area entertained. It is definitely the place to go for a person with an active lifestyle. The park includes several sport specific areas like, tennis, softball, and basketball. Rolling around the landscape is a walking trail that connects the courts to pavilions and the beautiful Schiller Fountain. The park is also home to a major recreation facility. This facility provides the area with art classes, a gymnasium, an auditorium, and a weight room. This is also where the community can hold events, like craft shows and scouting ceremonies.

The park has a variety of gathering places that makes it great for the community. The gazebos, pond and fountain make great spots for the community to relax or meet up with friends. They’re are also spots for the family like picnic areas and

The circulation in the park is what pulls all of the randomness together. It provides a connecting ground for walking to each spot and through the part. It gives dogs in the neighborhood a place for exercise.

Schiller Park is a great area for all ages and provides many amenities for the athletic, the leisurely, and the family. German Village has for sure benefited from the use of this void in the city.


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