Vaccine Requirement and Student Registration Holds

Friday, October 15 is the deadline for students to submit proof of their vaccination status or have an approved exemption from Ohio State’s vaccination requirement on file.  Students who have not complied with the university’s requirement will only be allowed to register for classes that are in the Distance Learning (DL) mode – 100% online.

Students who are in fully online programs, denoted with an ONL subplan, can be directed to register themselves through Buckeye Link. They should be aware that the University Registrar will drop them from any successful registrations into in person (P), hybrid (HY), or distance enhanced (DE) classes, unless they comply with the vaccination requirement. We cannot guarantee that those seats will be available to them at a later date.

After the October 15 deadline, a hold will be placed on all other student accounts that will prevent them from registering.  The Graduate School registration staff will, upon request and on a first-come, first-served basis, temporarily remove holds so that students may enroll themselves in DL classes within their program. Additionally, our Registration Services staff may assist in registering students in DL classes in which they are unable to register themselves, but have received all requisite permissions. If students contact you for assistance with registering, please remind them that only online classes are available to them and refer them to the Graduate School’s Registration Services area at

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