Register for Classes

Before registering for classes, you should contact your faculty advisor if you have questions about courses to take.

Please remember to sign your Financial Responsibility Statement in “My Student Center” on Buckeyelink each semester. You cannot register for classes until you have completed this task.

Deadline dates – please be aware of the schedule of important dates as published by the Registrar’s Office for each semester. You can find them on the University Registrar’s website. Just click on important dates.

Some classes require the instructor’s permission before you can register. You can download a Course Enrollment Permission Form (PDF).

If you are an Educational Studies student registering in one of our classes that requires permission, fill out this form: Please include the course number, the class number (this is the number that distinguishes multiple sections from one another), and the number of credit hours (if applicable). If the class is full, the instructor should let us know that it is ok to override the course limit.

Continuing students should remember:

  • You will pay late registration fees if you register after the published deadlines on the University Registrar’s website. Click on “Registration, Fees and Important Dates..” Then choose the appropriate semester under “Important Dates.”
  • You will pay late payment fees if you pay after the published fee payment deadline, which is typically 7 days prior to the start of the semester. Be sure to check your fee statement to make sure you have the correct due date for each semester.
  • You will be assessed charges for Student Health Insurance unless you specifically request a waiver during registration. If you are assessed charges for Student Health Insurance, you have until the published date to request the waiver. You must have proof of insurance to request the waiver. See the Student Health Insurance website for more information.
  • You will be assessed forfeiture fees if you drop and add classes after the first Friday of the semester. Please check with the Graduate School before you make schedule changes after the first Friday if you have questions about forfeiture fees. You are typically assessed forfeiture fees if you drop below full time as this can affect student loans. Students using exchange of service fee waivers from local school districts will be impacted if they drop classes after the first Friday.
  • The Registrar’s Office publishes the Refund/Forfeiture Fee schedule each semester.
  • If you are not sure how refund/forfeiture fees work, please talk to someone in the Student Services Office (RA 122), at the Graduate School (247 University Hall) or the Student Services Center (Student Academic Services Building–Lane Avenue).


If you attempt to register for a course that does not have any more open seats, you will have the option to be waitlisted. Waitlisted students will automatically be enrolled in a course if other enrolled students drop the class. Waitlisted students may still have the opportunity to enroll in a full class with the permission of the instructor. If you become enrolled in a class with permission of the instructor, you should remove your name from the appropriate waitlist.

Waitlists remain in effect through the first week of the semester. You may find yourself placed in a class anytime through that first week. Because of that, it is vitally important that you monitor all the waitlists you are on. You are responsible for all tuition and fees charged when you are put into a class off the waitlist, so please monitor your schedule regularly when you put yourself on a waitlist.

Schedule of Classes

The Ohio State University no longer prints paper copies of its Schedule of Classes for general distribution. The Schedule and the Course Description Bulletin are available online. Just scroll down under Academics.

When using the online bulletin, fill in the appropriate semester, campus (Columbus), and department (Education: Educational Studies). Helpful hints for registration are available under Student Center Help on BuckeyeLink. Current tuition information is available on the Registrar’s website. Just click on Tuition and Fees in the Quick Links box on the left.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition information is available on the Registrar’s website. Just click on Tuition and Fees in the Quick Links box on the left.