Unapologetic Educational Research: Addressing Anti-Blackness, Racism and White Supremacy

QualLab & Educational Studies Research Series

The purpose of the series is to engage our alums and general audiences in thinking about and reflecting on what it means to conduct educational research from a standpoint that honors Black lives in the research process, while also disrupting racism and white supremacy. Given the unprecedented moment we are all experiencing in our lifetime we are committed to shifting the landscape of qualitative research and using this research to shift our sociopolitical context toward racial equity and justice. Each OSU Alum will engage in a discussion with hosts Dr. Lori Patton Davis, Professor and Department Chair of Educational Studies and Dr. Penny A. Pasque, Professor and Director of QualLab.

Inspire Podcast Episode 1, “Black and gifted: A trailblazer’s backstory”

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Nationally recognized expert and Educational Studies faculty member Dr. Donna Ford tells her backstory on being gifted, black and poor in East Cleveland, and how it motivated her to create change for gifted children of color. -Robin Chenoweth is a writer for The Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology. She spoke to Dr. Donna Ford, a professor of special education. The Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology is a tapestry of people with fascinating stories to tell. Individually and collectively, faculty, staff, students and alumni are led to improve lives, create change and help those outside privilege — often led by their own personal experiences to make change. Here are their stories.