In preparation for graduation, review the information outlined by the Graduate School. It is a great resource for you before completing your degree at Ohio State.

Review your program annually with your advisor to make sure that you are progressing towards graduation. Students should have a hard copy of their program plan or Masters’ students (MA and MLT) and EdS students can access the online Degree Audit to review their degree progression. To access the Degree Audit, visit Buckeyelink and select “Degree Audit” under the Enrollment and Academic History category.

The student services office will send out communication each semester to current students to remind them of the deadline dates to submit applications to graduate for the upcoming semester.

Once you and your advisor have determined that you are ready to graduate, you should complete the following steps by the published deadline dates set by the student services office and the Graduate School.

  1. Visit to submit an application to graduate.
  2. All students must complete their program sheet with the appropriate signatures, where applicable.
  3. Students utilizing the degree audit, the audit must read “All Requirements Completed – In-Progress Courses.”
  4. PhD students’ program sheets are due prior to taking the candidacy exam.
  5. EdD students’ program sheets are due prior to taking their professional doctoral examination.

Before your application to graduate can be approved, it must first be reviewed by the Student Services Office to meet your program requirements.

  • Ensures that students have met the department requirements.
  • Confirms that students have met the Graduate School’s requirements.
  • Verifies that all grades have been submitted, except for the current semester, and no Incompletes (“I”) or “NG” grades are on the transcript.
  • Confirms that students are paid in full for the final term.

Once your application is reviewed and considered complete, your online application will be approved.

MA, MLT and Eds Students

Students are expected to make arrangements with their advisor and committee members(s) to complete the comprehensive exam, action research project, or thesis oral examination.

Need quick resources? Check out these helpful handouts:

Final Semester Procedures

EdS students should follow the Master’s final semester procedures document.

EdD and PhD Students

Students are expected to make arrangements with their dissertation committee about preparing for their oral exam (PhD candidates) or their professional exam committee (EdD candidates).

Need quick resources? Check out these helpful handouts.

Final Semester Procedures

What’s Next?

Be sure to visit the EHE Graduation Celebration website and the Ohio State Commencement website get the latest updates and news about college and university graduation events.

Not planning on attending commencement? You’ll want to indicate this on your graduation application before you submit through GRADFORMS.