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Single-cell RNA-Seq data modeling & analyses:

  • Inference of heterogenous regulatory mechanisms across various cell types
  • Development of integrated single-cell RNA-Seq data analysis tools

Regulatory DNA motif researches:

  • Discovery and computational analyses of cis-regulatory motifs
  • Prediction of metabolic networks and associated regulatory networks

Gene expression modeling & analyses:

  • Comparative and functional genomics analysis
  • Biclustering of large-scale (temporal/spatial) gene expression data 

Microbial system biology

  • Elucidation and application of organizing principles of bacterial genomes
  • Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data analysis in microbes
  • Computational analysis and modeling of human-microbiome interaction


[Sep-19-2019] The manuscript “SubMito-XGBoost: predicting protein submitochondrial localization by fusing multiple feature information and eXtreme gradient boosting” has been officially accepted by Bioinformatics!

[Sep-16-2019] The graduate student Cankun Wang has been offered a Biomedical Informatics Specialist position in the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH. Congratulations!

[Aug-29-2019] The manuscript “QUBIC2: A novel and robust biclustering algorithm for functional gene modules detection from high-throughput RNA-Sequencing data” has been officially published by Bioinformatics! Cheers!

[Aug-14-2019] Dr. Qin Ma has joined the editorial board in Briefings in Bioinformatics. Welcome for submissions!

[Aug-12-2019] Marlena Merling, a graduate student from the Department of Biomedical Informatics, OSU, has joined the lab as a rotating student.

[Aug-12-2019] Dr. Qin Ma is co-editing in a special issue of IEEE access in Feature Representation and Learning Methods With Applications in Large-Scale Biological Sequence Analysis. Welcome for submissions!

[Jul-20-2019] The graduate student Shaopeng Gu has been offered a Computational Bioinformatics Analyst position in Sanford Health, Sioux Falls, SD. Congratulations!

[Jul-20-2019] The manuscript “Prediction of Regulatory Motifs from Human ChIP-Sequencing Data using a Deep Learning Framework” has been officially published on Nucleic Acids Research! Cheers!

[Jul-18-2019] Graduate student, Cankun Wang, has successfully completed his Master’s thesis defense. He will soon get his Master’s degree in August. Congratulations!

[Jul-15-2019] The manuscript “LTMG: A novel statistical modeling of transcriptional expression states in single-cell RNA-Seq data” has been officially published on Nucleic Acids Research.

[Jun-01-2019] Three visiting Ph.D. students, Jing Jiang (from Xiamen University, China), Junyi Chen (from City University of Hong Kong, China), and Zhaoqian Liu (from Shandong University, China), have been joined the lab.

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